This journal is my debut , and its motivation is a recent incident that happened in a passanger train in Kerala State,India.A young girl who was going home in a passanger train was dragged down by a one armed criminal .After having found a mere sum of just 73 indain rupees in her bag he got angry and to get over this he raped the girl ,and to make her unconsciuos he hit heavily on her face and head with stones.The girl sustained severe injuries and atlast died in state medical college at Trissur. Later the police could catch this animal,but if proper security had been provided in the trian ,such an incident could have been prevented.Any way the government atlast has decided to provide more security to the trains,but to get this happended one girl had to sacrifice her life.

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This is infact sad: a girl raped, man without humanity, man struggling for survival, poor security of our nation.. etc.. We can list out numerous problem from one incident which must be connected to the better governance and the consiciousness of security related issues. I heard about this yesterday which was really shocking for me.. also thinking about all the other carelessness.. it makes me angry. We need to raise our voice against this: which means going on further to deal with issues so that we could bring attention of our governement and other.

this is really very sad. I heard traveling in train was more safer than in bus? is it? i have traveled all alone in train in sleeper class from patna to mumbai and mumbai to warangal-andra pradesh and back! but i didnt find that major difficulties while traveling except in patna! I was nearly in trouble in patna.But over all i enjoyed traveling in train in india , and being a foreigner - it was a good expereince.

I am happy that you raised this issue and hope it reaches to the concerned people.

keep on writing.

What I have written was about a real incident that shook entire state of Kerala,which is known as God's Own Country.I am glad atleast some of the people reacted to my first article.Thanks for your comment.