Sometimes need to step behind, only because you are female, how do you feel? So, many women’s stories make me feel the inner value of women have generally been ignored. Though people advocates the issue on injustice against women several times, the reality is still very clear and still prevalent. Women are still discriminated against. I was aware of this fact before, however after the talk with Khulsuma and knowing her condition, led me believe that the value for women is still in ground level in the most countries. And this is very disappointing to all of us as a human being.

Today, I would like to share one story of a woman, Khulsuma. She is 23 years women with 6 years old kid. She eloped with a man when she was 13 years old, later they married. However both parents didn't accept them. She used to work hard in a garment factory and used to give all her owned money to her husband. Slowly the situation started reversing from the time she got tubersulosis. She was forced to leave the job, as working in the garment factory was making her health worse. The person whom she loved and believed started to mentally as well as physically abused her at the time when she needed care and affection. She was then kicked out from the only home. Even her in laws family came forward to support their son in such a situation. Then, in addition she started to face difficulties under open sky. Though she is skilled in stiching clothes, she is not given chance to get in, in this male dominated society. Getting no any option she started to beg aroung central plaza, Chittagong, the same place where we met her. She says she uses those money collected from begging in the treatment of tuberculosis and for her daily expenditure. When we asked her further about her family life, she explained with the heartful sorrow that spoke through her tears. And she looks forward to get her rights back that was violated by her husband with her self confidence.

This is not only the story of Khulsuma, but also of many other women whose voice are still supressed.

I along with my friends stepped forward to acknowledge people what's happening in some corners of the world so that no one would tolerate the abuse, thinking that is only happening to her through the project comprising her story.

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Dear Jyoti, How are you? I read your article and am impressed with it. I believed you too wanted to change the womern's lives. I have planned to organised a informal meeting after going back to nepal. The meeting will focus on how to educate all girls in the context of Nepal. I will mentioned the place later. If you wish to join me please feel free and let's start our conversation. Thank you Sunita Banset

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Sunita, Thank you for your inspiring comment. And I would love to join the meeting through which we can bring change in the lives of people. Change for a good...

Thanking you!! Jyoti