Rape on the Abia University campus in Nigeria

Kadidia Doumbia
Posted September 24, 2011 from United States

hello everyone,

I read about this story yesterday evening and it stayed in my mind. I guess I am furious, I am tired of men not respecting women's physical integrity, of men raised by women suffering from men's abuses but who keep on raising their sons the wrong way because they refuse to take a chance for the future.

Here is the summary of the situation from change.org:

There's a desperate search on for a female university student in Nigeria. Some want to silence her. Others want to protect her. On August 16, the unidentified woman was gang-raped by five male students at Abia State University -- for hours, as she begged first for mercy, and then for her rapists to kill her because of the pain. And it's all on video.

I wrote to the President of the Senate in Nigeria, the the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Nigeria and to the Directorate on Gender issues at the African Union. Here is my message:

As an African woman tired of the disrespect we receive for men who spend their time telling how much they love and respect their mothers, I am expecting the administration of the university, the Nigerian government and the President of Nigeria to stand forward in this case and to speak up about it. it is a shame for Africa. Speaking about similar situations in other continents is not the issue. Time for excuses is over for Africans. I expect the media to stop offering explanations for any violation especially violations of women's rights. If Nigeria is the country it pretends to be let's believe that these offenders will be sentenced for life. It is not enough to sign international resolutions, laws have to be fully apply.


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  • woman of prayer
    Dec 11, 2012
    Dec 11, 2012

    HI,its very sad and it really makes me angry.the goverment pretends to get involved but its very shameful.women has lost their rights in many countrys and churches.laws need to be more strict also inside churches.abuse is the number one factor inside the homes. but what can we do for those women ? speak out for them.... find a solution. yes it is very shameful not only for africa but for many countrys.

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