Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Michael M
Posted April 13, 2012 from Uganda

I am working as trainer, where i am building the confidence of Persons with disabilities so as to demand for the right to decent employment. I also carry our Disability Awareness and Co-worker training to various organizations/ Companies in Uganda, to enable them change their attitude in employment PWDs.

So the question for today is "Is employing people with disabilities ‘GOOD for business?"

PWD represent 17% of the general population (WHO Standards). Despite having qualifications and experience PWD are less visible in open and competitive employment. Employers do not recognize the business case of having a diverse workforce, not only are PWD clients and workers but they add commercial value to a workplace

Benefits of employing PWD

Some features that workers with disabilities demonstrate:

Low absenteeism Better safety records Lower turnover Equal productivity Motivation to work Dedication and loyalty Adds value to your business Employing people with disabilities builds team morale People with disabilities are capable of doing a variety of work.

I will be hosted on NTV Uganda at 5pm to have a LIVE talk show to encourage employers to allow skilled PWDs to be employed, join the discussion.

Michael +256781519292

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