"VOF Week 2: (My journey)."

Posted March 31, 2009 from Kenya

I first saw her at the airport. We were waiting for our pick up and the driver directed her to me. She is tall and elegant. She had a huge bag; I could fit in it. She later explained that she had carried materials from her organization. Being from Nairobi meant that I hardly speak to strangers but we hit it off immediately. I counted loss that we had spent close to 10 hours in the same planes/airport without connecting. She told me about World Pulse on our way to the hotel despite our very chatty driver’s high voice.

We spent the next three days with Leah at the FTX workshop. She has a warm smile and checked on me often especially because it was so cold. She reminded me to join the community too. Once during dinner I overheard her introduce a fellow participant to World Pulse. I thought to myself ‘ World Pulse must be very lucky to have such an enthusiastic staff. Despite our busy schedules at the AWID Forum, Jensine and Leah took my profile picture and uploaded it for me; I was captivated by their warmth and friendship.

Suddenly I was in this site that spoke to the very heart of me mesmerized me. I thought of the many stories I could tell especially because I had been praying that God leads to such, where I could do things differently. I was excited by a space that was all-inclusive and yet very personal. I read inspiring stories from the magazine, news on women issues among others. I toured the marketplace (still do) and continue to make mental notes of items I would want.

On one of my site tours, I saw the call for volunteers and I sent in my application. I was accepted and feel very proud of it because the acceptance letter made me see another side of me I do not often notice, that side full of unutilized/underutilized potential and a willingness to share and be there and make a difference. If I do not manage to put in some time everyday saying hi and welcoming new people, reading inspiring posts etc, I feel as if I have neglected a part of my world because that is World Pulse is to me.

I am fascinated by the stories women have to tell, stories of courage and determination, stories of loss and restoration, stories that each day make a difference in our world. From speaking for my grandmother who did not go to school, to speaking for that woman who has lost her beauty due to acid burns scares, to that woman who toils to feed her family while her husband sleeps under a tree, just being able to tell the stories that our media does not term news-worth is my inspiration to apply for the voices of our future program. Indeed we are not only voices of our future but also voices of today, the new voice of women.

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  • Elsie
    Apr 06, 2009
    Apr 06, 2009

    Hello Kagwii!

    I have the pleasure of being one of your 'listeners' for week 2. I absolutely loved reading your story of meeting Leah and Jensine. Being a member of the World Pulse team, I have contact with Leah but have never met her, so you can consider yourself very lucky! And we can consider ourselves very lucky to have you as such a dedicated and delightful volunteer! I would love to hear evern more of your story, pre-World Pulse. What led you to participate in FTX? What do you do when not contributing to PulseWire? Also, your last paragraph is beautiful. Thank you!

    warmly, elsie

  • Kagwii
    Apr 16, 2009
    Apr 16, 2009

    Hello Elsie, Thank you for you very encouraging feedback. I absolutely enjoy being part of World Pulse and meeting Leah and Jensine was in many ways a gift to me.

    To answer your questions, I participated in FTX because of my deep passion for technology, I enjoy working with new media and exploring what internet and technology has to offer. One of my mentors forwarded me the application forms and I put in my application. I have a passion for photography, documenting women/girls stories as well as disseminating information to women and girls because I believe knowledge is power.

    FTX opened up new spaces for me and broadened my mind in terms of telling stories uniquely. I like the fact that women across the globe are forging new ways to be seen and to be heard, for example what World Pulse is doing; I am also really excited to be part of this new wave of change.

    When not contributing to World Pulse, I volunteer for an organisation known as Resource Center for Women and Girls. I develop their proposals, write their reports and coordinate their annual Girls' Camp project. I am also in school studying for Gender and Development Studies-my vision is to be an authority on issues of women and girls not only in Africa but around the world.

    Previously I have worked with young women, largely disseminating information and resources as well as organising spaces where young women came to dialogue on issues of concern to them including forging ways of accessing and participating in Leadership and the development process. I have also participated in designing and implementing programs for young women and girls.

    Once again, thank you for taking the time to listen to me, please let me know if you need to know anything more.

    warmly, Purity

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