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Posted June 4, 2010 from Kazakhstan

My dear reader if you hope that this novel will show you blood, love, sex or money, you can throw out this book. Please give me some minutes. This story comes from my mind. And all names are thought. And now imagine my university KazNU, and considerable quantity of students. Among them we can see our hero. He is quite tall, a bit thin, his hair black like pitch, and his eyes are green. What can I say? The usual guy well as many others. Almaz was wearing simple, he was late for lessons. -If you are late again Malikov, I recon you will lose your grant. Sit down. Almaz went to his table, but he didn’t sit. There was a new girl, so beautiful, so nice, her eyes were deep like the sea, her hair was so long and curly, her lips were as red as rouses. Almaz got that he felt in love. He had never seen so pretty girl, as if she was from a fairy tale. His heart began to beating his breath has got off. He looked at his shabby suit. And he didn’t sit with her... Almaz didn’t listen teacher, he looked her, and it was wonderful. During the brake Andrew sat with her. Almaz heart was covered with blood. Because everyone had known that Andrew was from very rich family, he was spoilt, he always took what he wanted. Almaz turned away and didn’t look at her anymore. When lessons finished the students went to the bus stop. At the street was sitting a woman with a little baby. He was screaming, and woman asked alms. Everyone passed her, she tried to attract attention. At the moment one gay stopped. He was quite tall, a bit thin, his hair black like pitch, his eyes were green. It was our hero. He stood near her, his arm was in a packet. There was 50 tenges without losing minutes he gave a coin to woman. He caught himself that now he had to go home not by bus, but one the feet. Even though, Almaz was happy. He sat opposite woman and smiled her. - Thank you young mean - - Never mind – Almaz just nodded. When he become to go out somebody stopped him. Almaz turned round and saw this beautiful girl. She was looking at him with surprise - -You, you gave…. – her voice was shivered. - - Yes I amn – Almaz was frown. But after second he realized that she didn’t like other. Her eyes are shining like sun. And her lips were opened. - You are not alone

My Story: Holding Hands

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  • Olga Lukshyna
    Jun 04, 2010
    Jun 04, 2010

    As I see you wanna be a writer and that is great and share your dream! I liked the repetition describing his apperance much.

  • Kakim
    Jun 08, 2010
    Jun 08, 2010

    Thank you for you! I was really happy to read it. He he he))) Its my dream to write like a writer! =))