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Beauty, harmony and pacification. These words characterize our amazing heroine Anara Abzhanova. The yang talented artist has held the seventh personal exhibition named symbolical “Heart Sounds”. She was born in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in a small private house on 18th November, 1986. She grew weak. As soon as she started walking, Anara took a brush in her hands. She drew everywhere she could: on walls, on the floor even on clothes. Bazarkul Anara’s mother noticed later that her daughter couldn’t hear. Her father preferred easy way and he left his family. Bazarkul took all the difficulties on her shoulders, and looked after Anara on her own. When Anara was studying at school she had a serious health predicament. Due to this fact she couldn’t use oil paints, only possible one was acrylic paints, even though they were more expensive. Sometimes there wasn’t any money to buy so necessary paints. In fact there wasn’t minute that she didn’t occupy herself. After all there was misfortune with Anara’s mother Bazarkul. It was an earthquake, she survived but for a long time she lost her ability to speak. It was difficult time for Bazargul and Anara… The artist has visited many countries in the world: Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, and Russia. - Art of Japan strongly differ from European and American art – saying Anara – and it’s near to my view. I can see the soul, I can feel it. And Kazakhstani art is Asian and Japanese too. I can get art of Japanese artists better, it is closer to me. Anara Abzhanova’s personal exhibition is some kind of the report of her achievements by the age of 24 years. She has already got a big successes and recognition of her talent. Anara is the winner and diplomant of the 25 republican and international exhibitions, festivals and other competitions. Last year at the Asian exhibition of artist “2009 Asia Para Art Tokio” Anara won the silver medal, between more than 200 artist from 25 Asian countries, and the best 25 pictures have been published in an exhibition catalogue included also work the “Old Tokio” by Anara Abjanova. Now she is a student of arts Academy in Almaty. On a question why she has decided to name the exhibition “Heart Sounds” Anara say that pictures what she creates are her soul music. - I create the pictures not by mind. When I write them I have an inspiration, these are sounds which fill me, they live in my heart, and I would like to transfer it. I want people to feel them. Critics view her works in a stile of modern impressionism. Her works more like the work of French artist Claude Monet and Vincent Nan Gogh. “Winter Morning”, “Wild Leaves”, “The First Snow”. Apparently her pictures especial. Filling if you get to absolutely other world where all is perfect in the grace and beauty. Her creativity is shine unusual light, and in each picture there is a part of Anara. It is the world which is simple and on the magic is fine. Asking about a secret of pictures she answers - I have been working since my childhood very hard. My dream is to show my works abroad. When I was a child I thought to be an animator or designer of clothes, but I have found myself as an artist. Anara draws basically landscapes. Only one portrait which she created is her mother’s it is special. All love and care are embodied in this picture. Next year Anara wants to go to Russia for the Moscow week of arts, but there is a problem of payment of trips. Bazargul can’t buy tickets for the daughter. And she need a help. - I have a dream to become world known artist – tells Anara – of course I am brave in the plans and it depends on me. I love life. I like to create. If under water it is impossible to breath, therefore it is necessary to come up, so for me creativity is a drink of giving air. My aim to become a member of the union the artist of Republic Kazakhstan (Anara hasn’t accept yet now, it doesn’t give her possibility to hold the personal exhibition abroad). The members of the union artist of Republic Kazakhstan.

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Thanks for introducing such an amazing artist with such an amazing and beautiful story. She illustrates that everyone has something brilliant and amazing about them, you just need to pursue it with consistency and passion. And what an amazing pursuit of Anara, where her talent is not only appealing to the eye but also to the heart and soul. Thanks once again and I am looking forward to read more from you.

With compassion, Carri Pence

Dear Carry

Thanks for your comment. You have correctly told about Anara she is beautiful to her heart and soul. Her story is amazing. She is really open person, for everyone! If you will visit our country you should see her )))

Warm regard Kakim