Introducing myself and my journal: Reconcile She Wrote

Posted September 11, 2013 from United States

About Me: I’m a classically trained singer who grew up in a home of artists. My mother is a painter, and my father is a poet/publisher. My sister is studying theatre. This should make me the black sheep of the family, but instead, I’m asking “what if the arts didn’t end with applause?”

The arts taught me the beauty in different perspectives and patience. Most importantly, the arts give value to and freedom of reinvention. They teach that you can always create something new from the refuge of something old, and that the only limits to reinvention are your own compassion and creativity.

These are the values I have applied as student leader and young professional in international justice and advocacy. I will take them forward with me into the nexus of peace-building, international development and gender justice.

Through the testimony of women in Bosnia, and the therapeutic theatre of women in Uganda, I’ve born witness to the pain of gendered exclusion. Their experiences have left me with a singular conclusion:

The inclusion and treatment of women in transitional justice determines their inclusion and success in post-conflict development initiatives.

There is power, beauty and transformation in their perspectives. I want to release that power to prevent atrocities.

My Passions: Women's rights, transitional justice, reproductive rights, international justice, conflict resolution, reconciliation, story-telling, live classical music, singing opera.

My Challenges: Resisting chocolate, push-ups, and home sickness for all of my homes.

My Vision for the Future: The voices of women are actively sought in peacemaking and conflict resolution, and "access" doesn't assume "opportunity". Human rights are as enforceable as land rights. International travel is subsidized to build a diplomatic corps and values. Peace.

My Areas of Expertise: Transitional justice, international justice, ICC, global health, global reproductive rights, trade policy and development, singing opera, and Disney songs.

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    Sep 17, 2013

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