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Eradicate street and public harassment

What I'm Leading

My campaign will start from spreading awareness about street or public harassment. The initial aim of my campaign is to tell people that street or public harassment is neither “normal” nor “compliment or fun” but rather it is a problem that attack women’s privacy and freedom. In addition it is not normal as it directly plays with one’s psych.

Who I'm Impacting

This awareness campaign targets communities in the city of Kabul, where women are faced with contstant street harrassment.

How to Get Involved


About Me

Hi there. I am from Afghanistan. I am a junior student and majoring in International and Comparative Politics at the American University of Central Asia. I love connecting with people from different parts of the world to create a strong network to stand for equality, peace and justice in our communities.

My Vision

To see women practice their rights freely and fearlessly along with men in their communities.


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