Effects of abandoned Children

Posted December 1, 2011 from Uganda

It was on 3rd July 2010 when I found a child in tax (means of transport Ugandans use from one place to another). The time was 8:30am and I was coming from the Market in Town (Owino market) . As I boarded the tax the baby was there seated down where two women were putting their legs. My fast though was that may be these women had a connection to that baby. This baby girl was in a critical condition, she tried to cough but you could see that she was dying in a minute. My tears started flowing whenever I looked at her. A feeling came into my mind to ask these women whether the child was theirs. The response was negative. The child looked 2 months but when I tried to carry her on my laps and looking at her face she was older than that but her eyes were sinking as if she was dying in a minute.

What I did I prayed to Mother Mary to give me courage and I reach home when she was still a live. I was chased a way in three hospital because they were seeing that the girl was dying and of course in fear that I will not pay the bill when the kid dies. The last option was to go to a private hospital where I was given a condition to write an agreement letter and to surrender my Identity card in case of any thing. My only pray was to save the life of the child and what I did was to give in whatever I had for her life. She was put on blood for six hours, but at that moment she was not opening her eyes and the whole body was cold but the heart was still pumping.

After 24 hours she started opening her eyes and you could feel that her legs were warm. To my surprise, after opening her eyes she said MUMMY, up to now she still calls me mummy. To cut the story short, she is now a health person very beautiful and charming and I named her Kirabo (a gift from God). She is part of my family, I do not know her origin but God knows. Next year she will start nursery school and I pray to God that I get money to look after her up to the end.

Her photo is attached.


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  • Breese McIlvaine
    Dec 01, 2011
    Dec 01, 2011

    What an incredible story, and so brave and generous of you to take care of her! It's so sad to think about what could have caused someone to leave her... Thank you for sharing,

  • Kangabe
    Dec 01, 2011
    Dec 01, 2011

    Thank you for appreciating the work. Please keep in touch.


  • noreens
    Dec 03, 2011
    Dec 03, 2011

    Hi Edith, Your story is very touching. Most people probably would not have gone to the lengths that you did to find care for this child. You went ever farther by adopting her. She is blessed to have you as a mother. By the way, two of my three children are adopted, and they are so great - best thing that I ever did!

    Best wishes! Noreen

  • Bethyn
    Dec 04, 2011
    Dec 04, 2011

    this is a very moving story, thank you for sharing