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Chinyere Okoh


Hello All!

Welcome to great brains community. I appreciates your contributing ideas towards the development of womanhood. But pardon me to say this that our problem is not that we don't know the solution to women problems/challengies, we the women of this century do, even on a clearer perspective compared to our past generations mothers/sisters. Reading critically and rationally of our Pulse members' ideas and contributions from different part of the world concerning women issues, you found out that to an extreem degree we are all aware of our problems and even the solutions. But, the problem now is WHO WILL BELL THE CAT? Who are those determind hearts that are ready to translates all these theories,beliefs and faith into ACTIONS? because that's what we need now. We have many people speaking and writing all over the world but few taking the actions. Against all odds. The World Pulse has given us a medium of linking ourselves and beliefs in any part of the world, what have we use it for? Was it only to speak without physical actions which is paramount? I don't think so. So? Pls circulate this news,that the AFRICAN WOMEN RENAISSANCE, is calling on those SINCERE and DETERMINED HEARTS who are ready to practically make a change against all odds to the development of the women; to indicate interest. This should be now time for more actions than more words, because words without action is dead and faith without action is same dead,so action is paramount. We've to physically come together,brainstorm,share idears and set strategies in implementing those solutions theories already known.For a visible change. In a nut shell, IF YOU BELIEVE IN THIS VIEW, INDICATE INTEREST and spread the news of this up coming Forum. Though, thousands of forum for women development are in existent already,but this forum is for ACTION NOT WORDS. Join the Action Renaissance Forum by INDICATING INTEREST,mailing thru