Hello Comrade! I want to say that my main reason for joining World- Pulse or VOF,wasn't for me to compete.But to share my voice,ideas,actions, intellectually and otherwise with the LIKEMINDS,v inorder to arrive at a rational solution to several challengies facing the Women' world..... And I think is the aim or goal of this great and wonderful organisation (WORLDPULSE)We should pls be focus. Having said that,NATASHA and WARONA mostly has made me to know that am not alone,because myself for one will NEVER GIVE-UP on this struggle until I achieve my dream concerning to serve WOMANHOOD, and also to create other necessary changes in the world,is the paramount thing am leaving for,am just here on earth on a mission or for a purpose,and without a purpose,no life. Pls money should not be a barrier for us to meet,IF WE DESIRE WHAT WE NEED TO ACHIEVE AS WE DESIRE BREATH,IT IS DONE.I want all to log into the net and read about a GIRL WHO SILIENT THE WORLD(SUSAN SUZUKI ) Money did not stand in her way against the course she believe in.If we don't meet together for critical discourse,then we're chasing shadows. Nancy F.Eagan should not bother how we should go about it,for thousands of ways await us when we're set. Pls I WANT US TO READ MY LAST POST IN MY JOURNAL (THE MISSIONGIRL)It may be also of a great point to consider. And also, pls I want to officially with due respect to all, apologize for many grammatical blunders in my previous post,it's due to my tiredness.Often I type directly and moreover, much talking is now a problem to me, becaues have noticed that too much talks don't help people these days or some issues... I love you all.Waiting for real actions............read my posts.