My country wake up in the year 2010 with several changes in economics aspects. More taxes, increase of prices in basics products (like “tortilla”); and in Mexico City, the tariffs of the government services will increase substantially in the present year.

Mexico is still affected by the economical crisis, but apparently, the Mexican government prefers to collect more money for the present fiscal year, even and when it affects the personal economy of the Mexicans. The activation of the industrial and commercial sector, the creation of more and better jobs, and other subjects are part of the pending agenda. The government efforts are not enough, and his work appears more a political and electoral action than a real work of the Mexican state.

Governability is equal a healthy economy, however in the next months we will see if the government’s measures were correct.

More than increase of taxes, the government duty is to provide efficient services and the perfect operation of the state of law for each citizen.

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Welcome to PulseWire. I look forward to reading more about your country and experiences!

In Jamaica we are having similar issues with the government taxing people into poverty. They recently raised the GCT (general consumption tax) even high that the current 16%. This makes it almost impossible for the general populaton o afford basic goceries.

Do you see any movements in your community? How are people getting by? There is a general complacency here- there were rumor of demonstrations but I have yet to see one for myself.

I look forward to reading more about your government's action and how the people are responding.

Much peace and love,



It's exciting to have you here and to learn a bit about you.

I am sorry to hear about the economic difficulties being faced in Mexico. I hope your government agenda isn't just talk and that a true balance of public taxing and delivery of public services can be achieved. Thank you for informing us about your current situation. Let us know when developments are made.

I look forward to seeing more of you online and hearing more of your voice.

Regards, Maria