Empower the women of Mexico with me! Uahri needs support from people like you to reach our goals. Here are a few ways you can help:

Volunteer I am seeking women who are willing to talk to other women who are experiencing, or are at risk of violence. You can help another woman realize that she is not alone, and that she is valued.

Spread the Word Support Uahri by sharing content posted on the Uahri page to help me reach an even larger audience. You can even receive content before it’s posted to help with promotion!

If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact me directly via e-mail katiaa.nunez@icloud.com, to learn more. Thank you for your support!


Hi Katia. Thanks for sharing your story. I totally agree that women should be taught to trust and work with each other. Your vision is inspiring and amazing. When do you plan to launch your Facebook page? Please let us know when it is ready, and I will share it on my social media. Have you looked at what http://safecity.in/ is doing India to help make India safer for women?

Hi Jlanghus! I'm so sorry for the delay in my response but I've been working like crazy in this project and on my daily work, I'm planning to launch ir next month, I'll send you the link whe it's up, and no I haven't looked at safe city but it looks really interesting, I will definitley take a  look at it.

Thank you! 

Thank you Sophie, the slogan sounds so much better in spanish!

I hope that Uahri accomplish my goal wich is to stop violence against women in my country. 

Chere katia, Felicitation pour cette belle initiative, nous somme a cote de toi pour cette demarche noble. 

Amadou DIOP

Secretaire General  SOS URGENCE

Dear Katia,

This is a wonderful project. It is inspiring just to know that you are building it, and I am sure it will be life changing for women as they find you. All the best making this grow!

In sisterhood,