"Lesby was found here. Murdered at 22 years old"
"Lesby was found here. Murdered at 22 years old": Image source: Aristegui Noticias http://aristeguinoticias.com/0405/mexico/con-hashtag-y-altar-protestan-por-muerte-de-lesby-en-la-unam-foto/

 On May 3rd, around 8 AM in Ciudad Universitaria, the biggest campus university of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the body of Lesby Berlín Osorio Martínez was found tied to a telephone booth.

After discovering her murder and "investigating", the authorities in my country decided that her murder was her own fault because she was living with her boyfriend, because she was drinking the night before, because she wasn’t enrolled in school at the time, because she, as her mom said, “wanted to run around, wanted to be a citizen of the world”.

After the murder of Lesby, women in Mexico started sharing their thoughts in social media with the hashtag #SiMeMatan (#IfIGetKilled) because here, if a woman or a girl is found dead, it’s automatically our fault because we had friends, because we liked to go out: simply because we were women and not men.

Have you ever wondered what will people say if you get killed?

If I get killed they are going to say that it was because I liked to go out alone, because I was nice to everyone, because I was outspoken, because I was fighting for women’s rights, because I enjoyed drinking at parties, because I liked to wear high heels, because I had dated too many men or because I was obsessed with freedom, and here, freedom is not a right, is a luxury that puts us at risk.

It seems that we get raped and killed because we ask for it, not because of the lawlessness that entitles men to do whatever they want and nothing ever happens; that we are poor because we are lazy, not because of the lack of opportunities or because of the gender pay gap; it seems we love living like this.

Today it was Lesby’s fault that she got murdered, tomorrow it might be either one of our faults.

Let’s fight, let’s never give up, and let’s speak up so the world knows that it’s never out fault, that it’s NEVER US.




Dear Katia,

This is so disheartening.  Citizens of the world is exactly what we need more of.  Thanks to you and all the other activists in Mexico who keep speaking up, fighting and never give up.  Your bold courage will inspire many others to do the same.



Dear Katia,

Reading this brought a deep sense of sadness to my mind and heart, however, I also feel a strong sense of hope because you have made a decision to use your voice for change and history will record that you stood as a mountain for change without fear or compromise. If you get killed which you will not, it will be said that "She fought a good fight and she stood up against patriarchy" Keep standing and keep fighting my sister.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin

"Whenever the human rights of one is violated the human rights of all are in jeopardy." - Sherna Alexander Benjamin