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Empower The women of Mexico With Me

What I'm Leading

I want Mexico to become a country of empowered women instead of mistreated ones so I’ve started Uahri, a project that brings women together to recognize and prevent violence. Uahri means woman in Purepecha, an indigenous language of Mexico. By bringing women together, we can learn to support one another, to build a safe space to share our stories, and to understand that we have rights and powerful voices.

Uahri is beginning as a Facebook page, where I provide information to help women recognize violence and seek help if they are experiencing it. Most importantly, it is space to inspire women to know that they are truly worthy. Later, I hope to expand Uahri’s efforts to include on-the-ground activities, visiting isolated areas with high rates of gender-based violence.

Who I'm Impacting

1,000 members of the Uahri Facebook page by the end of 2017.

How to Get Involved


About Me

I am 26 years old and obsessed with freedom, the kind of freedom that makes you shout when you see an injustice.

Where I come from, gender violence is something that we are exposed to anywhere at any time, and I felt the need to do something to stop this.

We have the right to live without fear, in a world where gender violence has no room, a world with empowered women rather than mistreated women, so I create campaigns in social media to help us identify and prevent violence.

My Vision

I want a world without gender violence, with empowered women who know they're worth. I use social media to create awareness.


Women who support each other, your feedback and encouragement, but mostly telling each other that we, as women, are worth it!


Campaigns for social media.


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