Guest blog by Lisa Nash, CEO of Blue Planet Run

Katie Spotz
Posted February 25, 2010 from United States

We are so thrilled at the response that Katie Spotz has generated and the awareness that it is building for the global water crisis. We at Blue Planet Run have known ever since we met Katie that she was a unique, powerful, focused woman who set impossible goals and met them. Katie has been a great supporter of Blue Planet Run and believes passionately in our mission to bring sustainable, safe drinking water to people in need as their first step up on the ladder out of poverty. Let me share some great stories:

Several people have contacted us since Katie’s launch saying that they, too, wanted to undertake an athletic challenge to raise funds for our safe drinking water projects. A college student in Oklahoma already has biked 600 miles for water because of Katie. A woman is planning to bike across the country for water this summer because Katie inspired her. Many younger students have written to us saying that they’re starting lemonade stands and school fundraisers for our water projects because they think Katie is “cool” and they want to do something great, just like her. A woman in California, after hearing Katie interviewed, asked if we could set up a donation page for her to send to her wedding guests so they could contribute to our water projects.

We are spreading the word about Katie as she continues her journey. People comment that they love reading her blog and feel like they are out in the midst of the ocean with her! We even highlighted Katie’s voyage a few weeks ago when we sent out a Valentine’s email to our community!

Perhaps most special, our partners at Pure Water For The World, who will implement one of the projects in Haiti that Katie is raising money for, have told us that it is so important, during this time of devastation in Haiti, for their staff and the people they help to know there is someone working day and night for them. They call Katie their “shining star”. Let her star keep shining and having the tremendous popular impact that it is.

Lisa Nash Blue Planet Run

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