My mom says that since I was a little girl I’ve always been a fighter; that she would normally hear my little voice everywhere we went protesting against the people I saw committing an act of injustice. The truth is back then I didn’t even knew the definition of words like human rights, equality, or respect, but I did knew that abusing our power in order to obtain what we want or to impose our will on others, is just wrong. I could defend justice with such courage and braveness, because when I was little I wasn’t afraid of anything or anybody and that gave me the freedom to speak loud and clear about what I thought.

Today, 20 years later I still think that the abuse of power as a means of control and manipulation is one of the worst vices of mankind. Proof of that is that the inequalities and injustices I saw happening around me when I was a little girl have not diminished, but sadly have increased instead, both in number and form, between people and between countries. This is why many of us have been studying and working in order to empower ourselves and other women to be able to make arguments and take actions to defend our rights. The rights that we consider relevant and necessary for our lives, not those that governments and men want to spare us.

My vision for Mexican women and girls is that we can remove the barriers of inequality and oppression and all have the same opportunities in health, education, work and decision making. I want to see women with the right to decide whether they want to get married or not and with whom, with the right to decide whether they want to have children and how, with the right to study whatever they want, engineering, PhDs, mathematics, I want to see them free to walk the streets without fear of feeling uncomfortable glances from others, free to drive a car, free to choose how they dress. Because we all have the right!. I hope I can continue to have the strength and courage to be an agent of change in my community, and for that the existence of platforms such as World Pulse is essential, as many of us take force from the feedback and exchange of experiences with other women with whom we share these blogs. We as women have to learn about feminism on our own to see what has happened before us, because it isn’t something that is taught in schools or universities and it doesn’t spread naturally from one generation to another, such as science or religion. We need these spaces of reflection and sharing.

That is why I want to become a correspondent for Voices of our Future, because I think I still have much to give and learn. The gender agenda in my country is currently going through a very critical stage and there are many stories to share on the part of women's organizations. We are fighting for the decriminalization of abortion and the right to education based on equality and nonviolence. We are joining to get the approval of new and better laws and public policies that address the needs of women. We are seeking an increase in gender budgeting. We want more political participation! We want an end to the war! Big changes are happening in this country and the world needs to know about them. Women and girls in Mexico are inspite of all, very alive and working to build a better world for our families.

"Feminism is a flashlight; its light is the justice that illuminates the rooms darkened by intolerance, prejudice and abuse." - Nuria Varela (Spanish feminist writer and journalist)

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.

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I really hope Katy, that you do become a VOF because those things that you want to do, are unspoken wishes of perhaps generations of Mexican women. So, wishing you very best of luck.

On a slightly different note, I recently read about a woman Mexican blogger killed by the drug mafia. I would like you to share with us if such dangers are common. And I hope you always stay safe and sound!

Stella Paul Twitter: @stellasglobe

Yes Stella, her name was Marisol Macías Castañeda, she was 39 years old, and she used to write for a blog called "Nuevo Laredo en vivo" (Nuevo Laredo live), which is a blog where you can see stories about the drug war that normally don't get published in the oficial newspapers. The stories you find here are the ones that your neighbors tell you about things they saw or that happened to them and you can upload pictures and videos. There are several blogs like this one, but this is the first time that a citizen gets killed for doing that (that I know of at least). We have had killings of journalist but journalist working for the newspapers and stuff like that not regular citizens. Actually Mexico is right now the most dangerous country in the American continent to be a journalist. I have to write something about this. Thanks for the idea and the encouragement!

That's really scary that a blogger was killed. Would it not be safer to remove the photograph, then? We still wanna hear from you Katy! Congrats for playing your part in trying to effect change in your country. World Pulse is a place where Speech is golden and Silence is not even silver.

Really deep visions for yourself and your community. I pray for your strength and courage to continue to be the change agent that you are. The world needs more of you to stand up and demand for an equal society for women. keep up the good work!

Good vision my dear, lets keep sharing, writting and communicating. What you can share will change alot of women journalists like me at once. You will get there my dear. yes you can. sibongile

Hi Katy,

I have been to Mexico so many times!

But, I really have not been able to connect with the voices of women in Mexico.

I look forward to the opportunity to learn more via our connection here on

Thank you for being here, and giving us the opportunity to hear, learn and share more about points of view and perspectives of Mexican Women.

love, joya

Gooevening, I do believe very good deed shall be rewarded on earth.Your mission to the Mexican women will for sure be fulfilled. Thank you for sharing.

Lucia Buyanza Nurse-Midwife Clinical Instructor

Hi Katy,

Really like the your writing style, You have a way is starting your articles on alight note but generally over very heavy issues.

Thanks for capturing our interest, being a part of WP and sharing stories from Mexico. O would really lik eto read moire about your country.

Sad news about the lady blogger. May she R.I.P



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Hi Katy,

Really like the your writing style, You have a way is starting your articles on alight note but generally over very heavy issues.

Thanks for capturing our interest, being a part of WP and sharing stories from Mexico. O would really lik eto read moire about your country.

Sad news about the lady blogger. May she R.I.P



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

Thanks YAO, I really love sharing our stories with all the wonderful women here at World Pulse. It's really a wonderful platform for sharing solutions and ideas. Keep in touch!

I am all smiles just reading your posts and pages. You make me proud and I am soooo happy to see the steps you have taken so couragously to bring awareness to women's issues and empower women and girls on a global level. Our VOICE being the most powerful tool we have has been silenced for too many years. I thank you for being an agent of change and shaping this world one word at a time.

Have a wonderful day and be blessed.


Hi Mia. Thanks for your encouraging words. I hope I can continue doing my job safely, as we are going through a very difficult and delicate situation in this country, I can only hope for the best, I'm sure we will overcome. Keep in touch!

I loved reading your post and hearing your determination and courage to address the social barriers women face in Mexico. Pienso que vas a alcanzar tus sueños. Buena suerte con todo tu trabajo!

I hope that's right, as I haven't taken Spanish classes in a few years:)

Nesima! You have a perfect spanish. Si quieres puedes practicar conmigo, me da mucho gusto que hayas decidido estudiar español, pues eso permitirá acercarte a otras culturas. Un beso!

Hello Katy, Thank you for sharing your brave voice. I can't imagine the dangers you face and admire your courage. I'm glad you have found World Pulse and will be sharing your stories with us. Be safe and keep writing!

"One shoe can change a life" ~ Cinderella

Hi Katy. Imagine if all the women and girls would subscribe in your vision; would believe in the same principles as you do, your vision of a just, safe and empowering Mexico will become a reality. Keep on writing and raising your voice. More importantly, keep yourself safe while joining arms and voices con otros mujeres. Happy to be in your league in the 2011 VOF Correspondents.

Viva Katy!

When I read your first 13 words, I looked at your picture and started smiling, and when I read all the way, I have no doubt you are a change maker. You have the voice and the message that turn things around. You have a vision for your country and for the women, for justice, politics; that is the most important thing! Good luck in this journey, you are an inspiration!


I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

Hi Achieng! I also love your pic! and thanks for the inspiring words, women like you are the ones that keep me inspire to continue :)

Keep in touch!