Compassion2One Dare Fundraiser:

Kaitlyn Barclay
Posted August 3, 2010 from United States

Compassion2One ( is an incredible organization working toward saving children from sex trafficking and victimization across the world. While this is a tragic international problem, the reality of it is that it occurs in neighborhoods like yours and mine. It's not a problem in unfathomable places across the world, it's a problem that tears apart our own homes. When I was made aware of the child sex trafficking that occurs in my own community of Portland, Oregon, I knew I had to act.

I was able to attend the latter part of a workshop through Compassion2One which enlightened me of the growing human trafficking problem occurring locally & internationally. Compassion2One is an organization dedicated toward saving & rehabilitating these children forced into sex trafficking. The organization has built safe houses all over the world that provide rescued children protection from violent criminals and a nurturing atmosphere to begin rebuilding a life. Each child is provided medical care, clean water and food, and a secure family environment that cultivates healthy growth and development. Children in C2One safe homes are equipped with education and job training that positions them to live healthy, productive, joyful lives.

At the end of the workshop I attended, I was walking with one of the leaders of Compassion2One when she told me she was headed to the Philippines shortly. "Why?" I asked. "To feed my babies and save more of my children." They refer to this passionate leader as "Grammy" and she has worked to rescue thousands of children around the world. Although I cannot be as brave as Grammy yet, I want to begin supporting this truly inspirational and life changing organization in any way I can.

So, what am I doing? I've just started a fundraiser based on the premise of Truth or Dare. The fundraiser is through where those who want to contribute will post dares or add money to pre-existing dares. Yah, dares. Like I dare you to karaoke to the Spice Girls while dressed up as the lead singer of Kiss (not like you need any creative encouragement, I'm sure..). All of the money on all of the dares will go straight to Compassion2One. At the end of the two week long fundraiser, the highest grossing dare will be completed by yours truly. My aim is to get as many awesome, creative, ridiculous dares posted while raising as much money as possible for Compassion2One. My profile can be viewed at

My goal is to raise $1,020 for this organization. $30 pays for the costs of one child in a safe house for a month. With $1,020 we will help 34 children regain their life, in an environment devoid of abuse or hate. So let's do this! Give me your best dare. I double doggy dare you to...

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  • Carri Pence
    Aug 03, 2010
    Aug 03, 2010

    This is an amazing fundraising effort and I am so happy to see your heart into such a much needed area of action. Though this action might get a stronger response in the resource exchange. If you want me to repost it for you there I would be happy to or you could. Thanks for your wonderful effort in making tomorrow a better and safer place.


  • Kaitlyn Barclay
    Aug 04, 2010
    Aug 04, 2010

    Hi Carri- I appreciate your kind words. I went ahead and posted it in the Resource Exchange section as you recommended. Good idea! Thank you!