Rimi on the way

K C Milan
Posted July 20, 2016 from Bangladesh
Bus Stand in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Destination is always away. But this is the place so desirable we all want to be someday.

The other day I was at a fix having seen people in a large number at a local bus stand. I remember I took few moments to understand that all those people were passengers and waiting for bus to go to their respective destinations.

The time when I saw them waiting was about 10:45 pm. It means sun set several hours ago. Darkness came down all over the globe. That was hot summer night. Scorching heat was prevailing all around and at the same time it was raining.

Most of the passengers were standing outside as the counters were narrow and already congested.

The people standing outside were getting drenched in the rain but decided to reach their destinations and waiting for bus.

I thought myself a bit lucky not being one among those people.

Thinking it better for me move forward and reach home to have rest and sleep I went ahead a space of just a few steps and to my utter surprise I met Rimi.

Rimi is one among those whom I recently got to know. I did not know much about her only knew she completed her Masters in English and was in search of a job.

She got a job, government job and going to Ghoraghat upazila in Dinajpur district to join in teaching office.

"Who are else with you?" I asked at a point of time.

"No one. I'm going alone". She replied.

"Don't you think there might problem somewhere on the way or...?" I asked again.

"We can't say that there is no problem. But I'm a bit sure this time that there wouldn't problem as the bus would take whole night and I would reach in the morning or early morning only". She told in reply.

I came to my room, felt tired and made hurry to go to bed.

But I could not sleep. Rimi was visiting my mind again and again.

I saw like a vivid binding picture on wall of many girls and women like Rimi who might be on their journey by different ways of life.

Let their journey be safe. Let the night be ended and the morning appeared.

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