Dear Spirit Soul You

We Have Children All around Us
In The Streets Cities Countries
In The Homes Organisations Schools
In Our Neighborhood Parks Shopping Centers

Having Children In Our Life

Do you Cross Boundaries
Where you Do Not Belong
Do you Interfere in the Minds Bodies
Hearts Of The Children Around you
If you do Not then This message
It's Just a Reminder to Stay Alert
To Always See Any Signs
Of a Child Desperately Trying to Speak UP
Without Saying a Word
Please Help The Light to Grow ...

For you who Knows you are Crossing the Lines
Taking your Anger or Controlling Powers of Words
Out on The Children or Child In your Life
Stop and Realize they Are Our Future
They are on Borrowed Time ..
To make the Bond last
There Needs to be a Respectful
Trusting Friendship ...
They are here to Show New Ways
They Pick Up On every Vibe In Every Way
Ask For The Light ...

For you Who Knows you are Crossing the Lines
With Physical Beatings Emotional Mental Turmoils of your Own
Know that it Will in Time Come out When They Reach Confidence
Ask and Come Into The Light ...

For you Who Knows you are Crossing Boundaries Via Deprivation
Of Emotional Mental Physical Needs Of Natural Nurture
And Creative Encouragement ...
Know that Someone Will Eventually Notice
And Point This Out to Show you New Ways
Ask and Come Into The Light ...

For you Who Knows you are Defying Universal Laws
Of Sexual Sensual Spiritual Growth of Any Child In you Life
Know that I Know The Deepest Darkest Places
Where you Reside and Hide
The Violations Are as Such That the Universe
And Mother Earth Cries ...
In KNOWING Wot you Do and SEES ALL
Ask and Come Into The Light ...

And If you are Still Reading This and you Share just LOVE
It is because you Care Deeply of the Safety
Of Our Children ..
Stay In The Light ...

And For you Who is Still Reading
And Know you Fall Into one of These
Disaster Patterns BIG or Small
Know you Can STOP if you Ask for HELP
Ask and Come Into The Light ...

And For you who is STILL Reading
Even if you DO Fall into One of These Patterns
Knowing VERY Well you break Trust In Some Form Or Rather
ALL of the These *Spiritual Laws* let Alone *Laws*
Read This Over and Over '
'Till you Do Something To CHANGE
Seek Ask and Come Into The Light ...

And for you last But Least Who Dare
Touch The Body of a Child
In Violent Sexual Ways
Or Even to The Point of Murder
And Some How End Up
With These Words In Front of your Eyes
KNOW it is Because your time is Nearing
Your Time of What Goes Around Comes Around
In Many Different Ways .. Give it Up
Seek Ask and Come Into The Light ...

It May be Time you Thought About
The Consequences Coming you Way
For you are Not That hidden that Others Cannot See
And This Planet is Not All that there IS
Don't Let your Ego don't Think there Isn't Anything After Death
Seek Ask Accept There Is Light ...

And Now for The Grand Finale
To you Whom Had to Read Through This
With you Heart Honest Trusting Open
Doing The best you Can With Every Given New Day
With Little Hiccups as We Do as Human Beings
Know That U R Loved for Doing The best U Can
Just as we All Do as Human Beings
Stay Growing In The Light ...

And For you Who Do So Much to Help In Areas
Of Child Safety ....

Without You Where Would Our Planet be ...
Thanks Be To The Light ...

We need to Remember ...
Our Children Are On Borrowed Time
Not Only Do Our Children Trust EASILY
As They Grow In Our Lives
They Are Here to SHOW US

How to RESPECT Each Other
So Give Them The Respect
They Give Us ..

Watch How A Child Shines from the Heart
When They Receive Divine Love and Trusting Safety
The Future Is Our Children ...
So Ask yourself ...

Are your Children In your Life or Neighborhood
Living In A Safe Environment
It is Imperative We Stay Helping Each other
To be More Enlightened In This ...

Our Children Shine The Torch Of Hope

Lets HOPE The Light Grows ...

SAFETY For Our Children