What excites me most about Web2.0 is the ability to interact and network with women from all across the world! Many of us may not be able to travel to Uganda, Iraq or India, but technology has the ability to bring those countries right inside our homes! Through this medium we also have the ability to reach out, support, motivate, and learn from each other no matter where in the world we are.

The solution Web2.0 brings to women’s empowerment is that of exposure to the issues of women around the world, thereby increasing the knowledge of those who access the site. One of my favourite quotes is that you can never grow unless you experience beyond what you already know… Web2.0 and WorldPulse allows women to shed light on their experiences, to learn from the experiences of others around the world and opens our eyes to the realities of life in countries different from our own. This knowledge is power and it encourages us to take a hard look at our own communities and countries. It also allows women to speak with an unedited voice, a confident voice. We KNOW what we are talking about because we live these experiences everyday of our lives.

Web2.0 is already empowering me in many of these regards… while the issues of women in my country are not as atrocious as others who must contend with genital mutilation, warfare and torture, we do have a big domestic violence problem as well as sexual assault. In addition, there are not enough women in politics and power positions (something that a Women in Politics program is trying to change). By enlightening me to gender issues, this program will help to spur me on in my own quest to make a difference in my country.

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Dear Kendra,

the problems that you mention are problems that women face worldwide. I share the same view with you that there should be more women in politics and in decision-making.

Warm Regards, Aida.

Yes there should Aida, I am always happy whenever I hear of a woman becoming a country's leader! Hopefully this will one day become the norm rather than the exception!


Kendra, My name is Terri and I am one of the Voices of the Future Listeners. I am here to help you in any way I can, and am always available to answer questions or just listen. I must say your passion for Web 2.0 was readily apparent. I liked how you emphasized its ability to connect people all over the world without leaving their homes, as well as its ability to impart knowledge. As you so lucidly stated "knowledge is power." Nonetheless, I found myself longing for more about your story and your country's story. You did mention the domestic violence problem, and the issue of the lack of women in politics. Both of these could have been expanded a bit to add more power to your piece. A vignette of daily life is a powerful force for a reader. They are drawn in by the story and want to learn more, yet unwittingly the writer is also imparting her message at the same time. Your writing is strong and confident and I look forward to your future essays. I also hope to learn more about your beautiful country - Belize. I have always wanted to visit and dive its breathtaking coral reefs. Your friend in empowerment, Terri


I loved your piece. The internet has the ability to affect social change on so many levels. Your piece especially touched me when you mentioned domestic violence and sexual assault. I work for an international organization, www.familyjusticecenter.org (Family Justice Center), that creates Centers in which a victim of abuse can go one place to get all the necessary services she needs. The Centers focus on collaboration, innovation, and coordination. You should check it out!

Dear Kendra,

I liked how you articulated your thoughts and vision. It'll be great if you visit India sometime and we meet - I live in Bangalore, btw.

Please continue writing longer pieces if possible...

Warmly, Pushpa