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Almost a month ago now, in my journal entry "Busting Stereotypes: One Wrench at a Time" (http://www.worldpulse.com/node/44107), I hinted at a new blog aimed at helping women to learn, grow, and empower themselves despite gender stereotypes.

Introducing Ms. Jane of All Trades, started by myself and two other cofounders (my good friends Jen & Laura, who you can meet on the blog). As this blog grows, it will be full of how-to's, tips, empowering ideas, and other women's stories. We will be showing the world--one wrench at a time...one reader at a time--that we needn't stay confined to gender boxes as defined by society. We can blur the lines between the "masculine" box and the "feminine" box. We're here to show YOU that Yes You Can.

So please join us, at www.MsJaneofAllTrades.com!


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