I’m a girl and I menstruate

Posted March 12, 2019 from Uganda

It’s a girl! Yesssss … I’m a girl and I menstruate

What? Another girl

Yeah, she’s so beautiful! Hmm beautiful! Beautiful. Period

And the baby girl grows and meets the world. Period

All eyes on her. Period

Don’t look at me with disgust. Period

Menstruation blood is the purest blood Period

Hold my hands when I menstruate, Period

My Period my identity Period

Hear me out Period

Care for me Period

Help me please Period

Period is Period. Period

Period is period not a sin Period

My Period my pride Period

Periodic Period defines who I am Period

Periodic period defines me, Period

My monthly Period is my pride Period

I menstruate, I’m still a child Period

Period! Period! Period!

Because I menstruate, I’m proud to be a woman, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, an Aunt, a granddaughter, a grandmother of the Mother Earth reproducing herself. Period!

I’m a woman. I menstruate. Period!

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Mar 12
Mar 12

Hi Keronga,

Thanks again for sharing your powerful and inspiring poem. Good luck with your story submission!

Hope you have a great day!

J Brenda Lanyero
Mar 15
Mar 15

Hello Keronga,
Thank you for sharing this once more. It is beautiful. Can not get enough of it PERIOD!

Paulina Nayra
Mar 16
Mar 16

It’s our period that makes us women period. And our period should not a hindrance to becoming who we want to be period. Nice poem, Keronga period