On 31 May, 2010, some hours after the vicious attack of the Israeli army on unarmed peace activists in international waters, feminist women in Israel took to the streets in protest. Holding hands: Jewish women, Palestinian women citizens of Israel, Russian women, lesbian and bi-sexual women. Together we stood, holding hands, expressing our solidarity with our sisters on board the Freedom Flotilla.

Holding hands, we expressed our rage and outrage at the militaristic illegal action against international unarmed activists on a peaceful humanitarian mission. We – Jewish and Palestinian women – refuse to be enemies! We demand to express our resistance to the ongoing armed conflict and call for a negotiated, political solution. We – Palestinian and Jewish women – stand hand in hand in our resistance. We raise our voices to the world! We refuse to be enemies! We are fed up with the militaristic, chauvinistic show off. Violence breeds only further violence. We are fed up! We call on the women of the world to join hands for a joint struggle. We need to stand together – holding hands – against all militaristic acts of violence.

We faced a very hostile crowd of counter-demonstrators, but we stood our ground. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to raise our voices in the face of the increasingly escalating violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the violations of the most basic human rights. But it is exactly for this reason that we need to stand united – holding hands – and to raise one voice to the world. We are calling on women around the world to help us in showing that there are Jewish and Palestinian women and men who want to reach just peace in non-violent ways. Our voices are not heard in mainstream media; they are being silenced and marginalized. What is reaching the media is only the militaristic discourse. Today, more than ever, it is important for us to raise our feminist, alternative voices. We – Jewish and Palestinian women – refuse to be enemies!

(for a personal account of the day please see my previous journal entry)

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I hope nad the pray your orderal ends soon. Insha allah it will.

With best wishes, 

Nusrat Ara

WorldPulse Community Champion 

Environment Group 

Thank you Kulud for sharing your story and for showing us that behind the fake media and behind politics there are free people of truth who are holding their hands together for one noble reason. The world is blind from the fact that Palestinian and Jewish women are living in peace together, and this is how palestine was before the Israeli occupation on our land; Jews, Christians and Muslims were living together in peace before the war and politics ruin this picture and spread hatred between us. When we, you, she, he, they and the whole world gather together in one hand we can reach beyond Gaza beach, we can reach its people hearts to show them and show the world that we know the truth and together with the raising number of hands, we can live in peace and Palestine can be free from the injustice of politics and media.

Ammoura, Fawzia

Thank you for sharing your story, the unheard story of women gathering together hand-in-hand for peace and justice. It gives me hope to hear from you here.

I wish you continued strength as you confront a violent, inhumane, militaristic system. Peace and non-violence are the only way forward...

Scott Beck

The humanity at each and every one of our cores is often diminished through fear and hatred, but it is most certainly lost in the media and politics that often only feign concern for humanity as the shiny surface to the deeper issue at stake: power. I believe there are more stories of solidarity than appear in the media. The media leads us to believe that most Israelis approve of the human rights violations being committed and international laws being broken and that most Palestinians crave the violent deaths of all Israelis. We need more stories like the ones you are putting on this website. It is these stories of solidarity, of belief in the safeguarding of rights and disgust towards inequalities, that need to be spread throughout the world. If we were all to refuse to be enemies, there would be nothing left to kill over.

In the end, what is right remains. "If it's not ok, it's not the end." (Paolo Coelho) It is through the joining together of good people that oppression will be overcome.

Thank you for your words. They are being heard and will make a difference. Keep going forward! "A thousand candles can be lit by a single flame" (the Buddha).