I am. I am: a woman. A mother. A feminist. A lover. A writer. An activist. An immigrant. A Palestinian. A citizen of Israel. Correction: a second-class citizen of Israel. All these and more compose my identity. Negotiating between these fragments of mine is an ever-demanding task, especially in our intricate reality. A reality where all the parts I just listed are marginalized – each one for different reasons. It can be difficult, but it can also be fun! To make up a new tapestry of identity every day. To invent myself by shuffling and rearranging the pieces in a different way each time. And each time to come up with something new!

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I am majoring in Women's Studies and in our classes, we discuss feminism, different phases of feminism and the theories. But i think far from theories and all talking, we all are feminist and activist. Any one who sees a injustice happens and stands up and speaks up has fullfilled her or his duty as a human being. we all are belong to one family of species and all diferences such as race, ethnicities, class and so on bring diversity but it must not make us devided.