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I know you guys must be thinking what's gone into me. At the time, when my fellow correspondents are posting their assignments, i am just posting my story angle. I know i am LATE! But i am sure you will excuse me. I have my exams Monday onwards and have not been able to give any time to the assignment. The most i was able to do was THINK...think about the story angle...there are sooo many things i want to write about, but i could not decide which one. I have finally chosen a topic after crossing around 10 other angles. I hope this is worth all the papers i have wasted...

"The Ranas ruled Nepal for approximately 104 years, before there was any hope for democracy in Nepal. The members of the Rana regime were Britain’s allies and supported their war efforts during World War I and World War 2. King Tribhuvan, in the year 1951, overthrew the Rana regime, and transformed Nepal in a democratic country. In 1959, after King Tribhuvan died, the government was dismissed and political parties were abolished after a failed election.

Things kept on changing, but somehow, they are moving alright when everything changed on the night of June 1 2001, when the Royal family was shot dead. King Gyanendra inherited the throne, and on October 2001, the king temporarily deposed the government and took control of it. A week later he reappointed another government, but the country was still very unstable because of the civil war with the Maoists, the various clamouring political factions, the king's attempts to take more control of the government, and worries about the competence of Gyanendra's son and heir, Prince Paras.

In the face of unstable governments and a Maoist siege on the Kathmandu Valley in August 2004, popular support for the monarchy began to wane. On February 1, 2005, Gyanendra dismissed the entire government and assumed full executive powers, declaring a "state of emergency" to quash the Maoist movement. Politicians were placed under house arrest, phone and internet lines were cut, and freedom of the press was severely curtailed.

The king's new regime made little progress in his stated aim to suppress the insurgents. Municipal elections in February 2006 were described by the European Union as "a backward step for democracy", as the major parties boycotted the election and some candidates were forced to run for office by the army. In April 2006 strikes and street protests in Kathmandu forced the king to reinstate the parliament. A seven-party coalition resumed control of the government and stripped the king of most of his powers. As of 15 January 2007 Nepal was governed by an unicameral legislature under an interim constitution. On December 24, 2007, seven parties, including the former Maoist rebels and the ruling party, agreed to abolish monarchy and declare Nepal a Federal Republic,In the elections held on April 10, 2008, the Maoists secured a simple majority, with the prospect of forming a government to rule the proposed 'Republic of Nepal'."

So, given this background, i want to write about my journey, countrymen's journey amidst all this. I was to capture the essence of DEMOCRACY. What does democracy mean to me and the people? Are they happy with what we have at the moment? The country is going nowhere because every other person is now fighting for i his/her rights in an unlawful manner, on the pretext of democracy. The country can best be described to be in doldrums...I want to give my perspective on the issue, and how these changes have affected the lives of people in the country.

Please provide me with feedback on how can i improve my angle, and whether or not it is a nice topic to write about....

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