My wonderful beautiful ladies

Cant actually believe that the journey we had so fondly stated and lived is coming to an end. Of course, we will still be here, still share our perspectives, and be in touch, but of course there wont be the apprehension, the last minute jitters of the assignment. I have been so alive during my association with this great forum, it has become a part of who i am. I intend to be associated with you all, all through life.

I thank you all for being who you are...everybody who has made this journey a memorable one....Jensine for bringing this to life, Jennifer for being our Mother Hen, Jancine for all the words, the motivation, Scott and Ankur for the great job (its great to know that men like you inspire women to no end), Jade, and everybody else who i might have failed to mention here.Most of all, i thank all my fellow correspondents for all the love, and all the constructive feedback. Who could say we were kind of competitors? We are a family i am so proud of. Thank you tonnes.

Most deeply, i thank my mentor Ms Virginia Lee, who I fondly call by her pet name Gigi. Your Kuku (my petname) will always be grateful to you for all the encouraging words. I have faltered many a times, but it it you who gave me the strength to go on. Thank you so very much.

I came back from my hometown today morning. I was there to celebrate Deepawali (the festival of lights) and Bhai Tika (celebration of relationship of brothers and sisters). Everything was so overwhelming, and i did work on my assignment during every little time i could spare from the festive preparations. I am posting the final draft of my assignment. Sadly, i could not share the drafts with you all for feedback, everything was a major rush.

I still anticipate your comments.

Please read my assignment at

Love to all

Khushbu :)

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Khushbu, Namaskar. Hajur la kasto cha? Malai sancho cha tapailai pani sanchai hola bhanne asha cha.

It has been such a joy for me to have shared this journey with you all and to have met you. My world expanded exponentially with the friendship of all the correspondents and I know that you will each go on to positively touch many lives as you continue to speak out. The seed has been planted and I know that you will all thrive and bloom in ways unimaginable. I am so excited about the next phase of your journey as this is when you will take flight. You will leave this garden that has nurtured you, and go on to raise your voice high for those causes and issues that you are passionate about. I am so deeply proud of you all and can't wait to see what happens next. It has been such an honour to walk this path with you.

Hardik Subhakamana, Janice

Namaskar Janice

Malai ekdum thik cha.

It is always a pleasure hearing from you. I feel just the way you do ever since my journey started with you world has expanded, i feel different, i have an obligation to be good and do good to people around me. I have learnt so much from each of you that words cant actually describe how i feel. Every morning the first thing i want to do when i log on to my computer is to browse the stories at world pulse. They give me so much of an inspiration, and it is empowering.

We are all waiting for the second part of the journey. Whoever gets this opportunity will cherish it all her life. We are all happy for Busayo and we will be happy for anybody who continues the second phase.

Thank you for your faith in us, because it certainly means a lot!

Dherai maya Khushbu :)

Khushbu Agrawal