For those of us who joined this group who were NOT in Moscow for the G(irls)20 Summit, I'd love to hear more from those of you who were delegates! Was there one key highlight or takeaway? Do you have a photo that captures your experience? I imagine how I might have felt if I were part of a global delegation of young women collectively tackling issues normally reserved for heads of state. It sounds amazing--but you were there! What was the experience like for you?

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Hi Kim!

You are absolutely right! There are so many things I want to share about the Summit! I wanted to start a blog named «Through a girl's lens» since I came back. But I had already plan to come to Bahrain to do a volunteer internship, and since I am here that I had no time to write and even my internet connection is not very good :( I am planning to boot with the Google Mentorship Program and with my blog right after go back to my country :) I'll make sure that I'll share here also my thoughts and experiences ;)

Huge kiss from Bahrain ;) Mariana