About Me: i am teacher by profession,i studied combinetion of business, economics with education and i have been teaching of primary school and secondary school from 1994 to 2012 and now i am trainer of women for communication and technology in maman shujaa goup in Mimbwe center.

My Passions: to improve in information communication technology and help others to learn it and fighting against ignorence

My Challenges: lack of enough computer and connection of internet and other many things that can be used in communication

My Vision for the Future: to help people in congo and neighboring countries

My Areas of Expertise: ict training, management of organisation and small and medium business

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Hello Kinyama,

Welcome to World Pulse online community and thank you for working at the Maman Shujaa center and teaching women to use the internet and technology! Here you will find many people, who like you, are working to combat ignorance. I want to invite you to start networking and making connections with women and their supporters from over 190 countries. I hope to hear more about you in your journal soon. Cheers,

Delphine Criscenzo

dear delphine, thank you to invite me to start networking! but this is our responsibility and every one should feel that combating ignorance is his duty, so the contribution of every one is needed, you would not use such effort to encourage me, but because we need each other in this wore (fighting against ignorance) your right to do like this.