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From web app to mobile app to a chatbot!

Posted November 28, 2017 from India

A year has passed since I was given the honour of being an impact leader, and such a lot of amazing things have come from my journey so far.I am so excited to share a bunch of new and exciting updates about Saahas.

Today, Saahas comprises a directory of support across 196 countries, a database of guidance notes on understanding gender-based violence and ways to respond to them. The directory of support comprises over 20000 organizations across 196 countries offering medical, legal, education / employment, resources (food, shelter, clothing, emergency support), consular and refugee-specific support, police and ambulance services for survivors of gender-based violence and child support services. In addition, the app also has detailed sections with information for survivors, for bystanders, legal and medical libraries and even a learning section. The app is now more than a survivor's tool: it also facilitates bystander intervention!

Survivors who have faced violence either don’t know where to go for help, or don’t have resources to find out where to go for help. Sometimes, their situation prevents them from finding help, and that can be extremely dangerous to their safety. Bystanders need to be active and intervene in a way that helps a survivor find all that she needs in order to get out of a violent situation and addess the consequences of it. As most of you may remember, the name Saahas, in Hindi, translates to mean “Courage.” The app recognizes that a survivor’s choice to stand up to violence and a bystander’s choice to intervene in a case of violence is an act of courage.

I'm also very excited to tell you that Saahas is now, also, a Facebook ChatBot.Users can come to the page ( and engage with the ChatBot using the messenger option, to pull up information and helpline numbers.

Now, I'm reaching out to ask you for your help. We have data on the app for organizations that cover 196 countries, but not enough cities and towns as it should. This is where YOU come in. You can be a Saahas Ambassador by helping us find more organizations to add to the map. Here's what a Saahas Ambassador does:

1) Fill in details of organizations in your city using this template:

2) Send it back to me on with your bio and photo so we can list you on our website as a Saahas Ambassador!

As a Saahas Ambassador, you get:

1) A free e-book, "Around The World in 50 Voices" that tells the inspiring narratives of 50 amazing women around the world

2) A HUGE shoutout on Social Media for your kind contribution

3) A Listing on our website as a Saahas Ambassador

How many people have you impacted since your last update?


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