This article was written as a compulsory assignment for the Voices of Our Future Contest

Once I read that some penguins come always back to their birth place. I like to think of myself as a Mexican penguin. Even if I have seen the world, I am always back loaded with hope and eagerness. This is my land; I would like to die here. But I also want to pass on the Mexico of my dreams: a safer, healthier and more democratic country to be proud of.

I came from a tradition that considers education as a powerful tool to change destinies for good –Catita’s spirit. I have been always encouraged to fulfill my academic endeavors sponsored by international awards to achieve them. If a girl from a small town could do it; any women can. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge I was loved, healthy and provided with a safe environment. Many Latin American women were not this lucky and they are having girls in the most disadvantaged scenarios. Food, education and health are still basic needs to be supplied.

I currently work for RENAPRED,2 a very unique Mexican organization that promotes a culture of prevention with respect to maternal risks and situations that can cause disabilities for a newborn. My main task is to reproduce RENAPRED’s course of action in Latin America. Most of our efforts are focused on real time training delivered to thousands of young people; nevertheless, we still need to reach millions of future mothers, focusing on indigenous and people wirh disabilities. These efforts need funds, volunteers and a great knowledge on the use of web 2.0. How to come up with a good strategy that includes these three elements?

I started doing quite well on social networking; however my friends and followers are not enough. We need an army of lucky penguins. Imagine how they can influence and convince women to follow simple measures such as folic acid intake.3 Since, RENAPRED owns an internet broadcasting station,4 I thought of launching a radio show called “My tomorrow is today”.5 I saw this as an effective way to attract the attention of educated, empowered, committed or motivated Latin American women. I finally had a good way to recruit more penguins, but I do not have training in media or journalism. Seneca said” luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”. We need to be a great success, so my good intentions are not enough.

On April 1st, just hours before it closed, the Voices of the Future’s calling for applicants came to my hands. I had tons of work to do; but an inner voice encouraged me to apply. What were the odds of coming across what I was looking for? I was so excited that I even asked other colleagues to apply. So here I am, enjoying and learning from this unique journey with other fellow penguins. Women who believe in transforming our loved countries because we want to die in them and pass on better places for the future voices to come.

p.s. my poem is below

  1. 2.RENAPRED The National Network for Disability Prevention (Red Nacional para la Prevención de la Discapacidad 3.Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube disorders and other congenital deficiencies that can cause disabilities in newborns. It has to be taken daily before, during and after the pregnancy. Folic Acid also helps to prevent preeclampsia and eclapsia among other illnesses. 4. 5.RENAPRED's slogan

The mission

The breeze smelled like her How was it possible? Two continents apart we were Get prepared Catita said, when I left

She asked me never to give up She told me she’ll be with me She demanded me to be brave She urged me to look after them

They are so many And always in need They are so weak And I was only myself All alone I thought

I needed a voice For those who didn´t survive I needed a voice For them, who never spoke up I needed a voice For those who are always ignored I needed a voice I couldn’t find it And was so scared Giving up was not an option, she said

I´ve been cold I've been hurt I've been in need too I needed a voice you'll find it someday, she said Just keep looking for it

I saw their faces I breathed their hope I took their dreams I made them my own I just needed a voice

And suddenly, a sweet whisper came along It said you’re not alone Our voices will be your own We´ll support you to speak for them Until they also find their own.

Topic Leadership

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Girls Transform the World 2013.

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We'll support you to speak for the until they also find their own. I love this two lines especially in relations to the girls not so lucky , who have to raise families in unforgiving environment and with little to offer their children to enable them transcend the circumstances they are born into.

Dear Pauline!! Thank you very much for your kind words and support. We´re called to fullfil this mission and embrace their voices while they find their own. hugs from beautiful Mexico Klaudia

Klaudia González

Felicidades Klau, pues tu historia y tu poema inspiran nuestras almas y ponen a andar más rápido nuestras mentes con ansias de poder aportar más que un grano de arena a nuestras niñas y mujeres todos los días. Eres un ejemplo a seguir...así como lo ha sido Catita toda la vida :)

muchas gracias por tus palabras!!! Desde nuestra trinchera cada una sigue en pie de luchas para mejorar nuestras propias vidas. Un gran saludo Klaudia

Klaudia González

We´ll support you to speak for them Until they also find their own.

La educacion es la forma de combatir el rezago y las condiciones de vida de los sectores mas vulnerables, eres un orgullo de nuestro pais y de las mujeres mexicanas Klau, no pierdas el impulso, renunciar nunca será una opcion, admirable tu convicción y la labor de mujeres como tu. Te mando un abrazo

Muchas gracias por tu comentario!!! redes de empoderamiento, pero de conocimiento es lo que cambiará nuestras realidades. Siempre habremos de construir un futuro mejor desde donde quiera que estemos!!! Saludos!!! Klaudia

Klaudia González

Dear Klaudia, thank you for sharing your informative article. It sounds like you are using online communities to unite women, so your voice is stronger. May I suggest that World Pulse community is well established and available to you and your clients? Many blessings to your efforts. William

Dear William Thanks for reading my piece. Before getting the Voices of the future's Calling for applicants, I didn´t know about World Pulse. Now, I know I'm able to reach more women to engage in our work. This is a great place to meet people, get support and create awareness. thanks for volunteering for this amazing project. Cheers from beautiful Mexico Klaudia

Klaudia González

Dear Sharontina I do appreciate your reading. I really loved the challenge of doing poetry. I'm a very straight forward person, kind of cold too. But, I was so happy to achieve this enadeavor. All the best from beautiful Mexico Klaudia

Klaudia González

Dear Klaudia

I loved your poem, it flowed so well and yet was powerful. I am especially impressed with the work that you do - it is so impactful on the lives of expecting women and their children to come. Thank you for sharing about folic acid and the benefits it can bring!


Carpe Diem

Dear Asha!! I really appreciate your kind words. truth is I did enjoy this assignment. There is still a lot to do in pur countries, so we'll keep working the best we can. cheers from beautiful Mexico Klaudia

Klaudia González

Hello Klaudia,

Great personal journey story entry of how you were led to the World Pulse community. I agree with William that you have a wonderful forum to share the work you do.

Your poem is fabulous! So strong and visual to the senses. Encouraging you to keep writing poetry, what a wonderful creative outlet to share your story.

Kind regards

Theresa VE

Dear Vanessa

Thank you very much for your feedback, I did enjoyed this assignment. And I'm so happy I came across WP. I've already found valuable conections that will strenght my work. Thanks again!! Cheers from beautiful Mexico Klaudia

Klaudia González

Hi Claudia I read your pieces. They are very educative and inspiring. I wish such could be replicated in Uganda where some grassroot women do not believe in anti-natal visits. Thank you for the good work! Beatrice

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

I'm so happy that the VOF application found its way to you...and that we will connect as you embark on the VOF correspondant journey. With your smile, your sense of fun and humor and your solid commitment to a brighter future. you will be a dynamic voice for progress, hope and change. I'm delighted to join you on this voyage!