2013 VOF Week 2 Writing personal stories should be easy, but sometimes I really don’t think so. I am an African Beautiful Young women and a leader, grew up in a rural place in Thuenissan in South Africa, with less opportunities to education, Health or infrastructure. Even so I had a dream! I dreamed that one day I would become someone like my Teacher, well, I didn’t know what to call myself back then

I was violated, at the age of 13 and 15! Then everything changed! I didn’t believe in myself or anybody anymore, not even my best teacher. I thought all my dreams were shuttered. Felt helpless and hopeless. Was just living each day as it comes.

Just when I thought that I can no longer reach or make anything of my life, I saw a light at the end of a very long tunnel. I met one Priest who helped me through the process. He’d make me write stories about me and what had happened like thousand times and I saw no point in doing it, until one day I got angry, stopped writing and yell at him for making me write about the whole thing. He sat there and listened, eventually I came to realize, how writing could help me heel and touch someone else! I spoke about it without crying and it got better after that, was given an ability to talk.

It’s through this that I develop passion for writing, especially on feelings and emotions. Putting things on black and white helps me express better. Today been a community nurse and a Student Social worker had less knowledge on how the internet could help me advance my writing skills, until a friend sends me a Word Pulse link and suggested I give it my best, and I joined, had fear and frustrations of cause, but my biggest fear was who would be interested in reading my stories and online! To my surprise, I got to read more from other women around the globe, women like me! With the drive to bring change. I’m fascinated by the whole Idea of women sharing and claiming their space.

Word Pulse will enable me to reach more women, motivate and build a tradition of speaking up, is strengthening me to share and influence change; this is a platform for me to develop a support group which I can attend to whenever. Through my journey I can touch lives. Who would have thought that one day I will be sharing so much with the whole world? I will ensure that the voices of women are heard, not just locally but higher! Will continue, and only this time well informed to advocate for Women’s Rights.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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I am left with a feeling of hope and inspiration after reading your story! Your confidence in yourself, despite the traumas in your past, is evident in the way you write about yourself and your journey to World Pulse. I love your references to your teachers and the priest as important support people in your life. I see through your work as a nurse and social worker, and now through World Pulse, you seem to want to be a support to other women, encouraging them to find their own personal power and healing. I can see this is a passion for you!

Thank you for sharing, Abby

Thank you for sharing about your personal experience, you are a strong and beautiful woman. You have come a long way and built strength by helping other women heal. The art of writing is powerful. I am one of those people who are interested in reading your lines Keep them coming!



Thank you, there's nothing more heart warming thanx knowing you are not alone, that someone out there is able to feel and share your frustrations, Thats what I wanna do,reaching out and giving these women hope.

Word Pulse has given me the platform and I need to make use of it.

Thanks again for showing interest in my writting.

'Change begins with you'

Thank you for sharing your story. I can't imagine the trauma you went through but I hope that writing about it has helped you find the freedom to move on and look forward to a better future. What is even better is that you can be the voice for the many who have experienced the same trauma and help create a change in their lives. Keep on with your plans and create that change for yourself and others. Good luck!



Thank you Lylin, I'm planning to dedicate my work and time, to be a voice of change, I'm doing it for me that anybody. Healing process that can be shared with thousands of women out there.

'Change begins with you'