my story goes like this i am an only child and i think that is the main reason why i chose the story "Sofunwa" which literally means "only child" in igbo language and in Yoruba language it means "tell us". it is an African story talking about the girl child and the issues about or concerning her upbringing . in Africa a mom is not to neglect the girl child, my mom was broken hearted by my father and that lead to a separation which psychologically affected my upbringing; i sometimes fell ill regularly and this slowed my mental and academic life but in his infinite mercy has healed me. right from the onset my mom suffered the hurt and she wanted me to know how it felt, but i kept on telling her it was not my fault, she hated me for that, her reasons was that i did not physically look like her since i looked like my dad , although that would bother any child it for some reason did not bother me . She called me careless and weak willed, but God gave me an insight in his words in proverbs 3:5 "saying trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding". this was the principle i decided to follow early in life as early as eight years of age. i had to cope with a mom who saw only independence in women as only career women and nothing else if you were not a career women you are not independent men would rule and intimidate one. i saw her point of view and agreed to become independent by working on my will power but my mom over reacted to my own opinions and thought that i had wanted to take over and charge of her place in my life, this was not obviously my plot and she also had to be calmed down by relatives she said that i was insane and mad i did not care what she felt. i was then i saw the damages of single parents, pregnant teenage girls, African men love to take advantage of their women but do not want to show any form or sort of responsibility, that pressed me more to read law in higher institution but unfortunately i saw that my progress was slow i suffered child neglect and domestic abuse, then i called on God a cry for help the miracle was to get to the top without struggle there is this African saying common around the world "God does not like struggles once you struggle you are on your own" from then on i picked up, following the lord miracle by miracle bringing my mom out of that hurt of the past forgiving herself and others and also reconciling with my father i lost her last two years ago but the soft miracle of self forgiveness had deeply ensured peace in her life soft miracles of a painful past all now forgiven ,i remember years of agony and crying and sorrow and sufferings and now years of joy and laughter perhaps Christ still did not neglect me i rejoice now that she had truly received joy before death. so this is my story from shadows of darkness into God's great light, from hopelessness to life changing destiny miracle. thank and God bless best regards kodili ogbonna alias kodilindins.

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... for sharing your soft miracles. Children come with no instruction booklets, and often come to mothers who are so hurt themselves. I am glad you have found your way to the soft and intense miracle of forgiveness. It will make all the difference.



Thank you for sharing such personal memories and difficult struggles in your life. I am so glad to know that you are doing well now, having emerged from darkness into a better and brighter future.




It is a great miracle that you have found your courage and your voice in writing this piece.

Wishing you peace and strength,


resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything