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Posted January 20, 2012 from India

Dear Members, “eBay does not, in any way, encourage any bias or discrimination basis race, gender, age or other characteristics. This is purely an attempt to provide, what we feel are, attractive deals and variety relevant to men and women”. Also this is just a merchandising segmentation approach. Trust this clarifies your concerns.

Regards, Seema

my reply:

Dear Ms. Seema,

Thanks for the clarification after probably the 'firmly raised voice' at the tollfree today. I / we are quite aware of these kind of legal terminologies & explanations given by the business groups. //As just a merchandising segmentation approach // - why don't you caption it as 'Techie Gadgets' 'Life style Products' which rather directly explains the category, rather than 'coining' it with discriminating content, which definitely is framed on the basis of 'sexual' identity created by the Social Institution. The General Intellect is carried away by the 'casting' that is already existing in the society created by Male Chauvinism and so they don't recognize such 'sensitive' discrimination. How do 'you' or your organization conclude what is relevant for 'Men' & 'Women'...Majority is conditioned by framed ideologies, and so they could be pl don't give me explanation saying Majority feels so...etc... etc...

If the discriminating content is not removed, I am sorry to say that M.A.S.E.S would take it to next level..

thanks for responding, Kotravai.

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  • Valéria Barbosa
    Jan 20, 2012
    Jan 20, 2012

    Our dear liked his determination to write. Showed firmness and knowledge about the subject matter, congratulations.

    Tell us a little about you.


  • kotravai
    Jan 20, 2012
    Jan 20, 2012

    Hi Valeria,

    Thanks..Read your Profile. You are doing a wonderful contribution to society. My objective is also to a little contribution to the society by 'Women's Liberation'. I am from India (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) could check this Tamil Nadu is quite rich in Culture & it still has the Matriarchal traces in the Villages, that needs to be protected. But the Globalization is teaching women a freedom that it thinks is freedom...'expose' your body parts, get modern, free sex, which is getting deeper into the minds of People here and the self respect in Women is slowly dying...I am concerned about it & I am working in exposing the gender politics in Mass Media, Films etc., later it would continue to expose textual politics, Social Gender Politics etc.,thanks.

    I need support from People like you. Pl sign & support the petition