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Don’t tell me I am a daughter, lakshmi of the house,

When you think I am a burden

Don’t tell me I am a sister- the epitome of love

When I am killed in the name of Honor

Don’t tell me I am your love of life

When I am raped and abused

Don’t tell me I am a wife-the equal partner

When I am treated like a slave

Don’t tell me I am a mother— i am your GOD

When I am thrown in an elderly home by children

I am

Not a property to possess

Not honor of the family to be saved

Not a reproducing machine to procreate

Tell Me ….

Even if you are single,

Even if you are a widow

Even if you are a sex worker

Even if you are a Baanjh

Even if you are a lesbian

Even if you are disabled




By- Kamayani Bali Mahabal

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Powerful ! The absolute truth. Love me for what I am - a human , a woman ! Wow ! Love it.

Carry on ! You are one force to reckon with.

Love and hugs, Mukut

Mukut Ray

Dear Kractivist,

Thank you for this meaningful and powerful poem. I am so mad at the gap between what people say about women and how they act towards the women in their lives. I am also mad at the expectations society puts on women and how rejected we are when we do not meet these expectations. Your poem strongly echoes the situation in India, however I feel that it is a message to all of us, women and men, to remember that love is healing and that we need to love every women no matter what! Thank you so much,

Delphine Criscenzo

I love this! Thank you sharing!

I am going to share on my facebook walll! GREAT!

Thank you for joining out community!

Zoe Piliafas

Voices of Our Future Community Manager World Pulse

Dear Kractivist,

Thanks for sharing this powerful poem. It is indeed a call for us to be appreciated for who we are. I also love your DP - Very creative and thought-provoking.

Welcome to World Pulse and I look forward to reading more about what you want to share.

Best wishes, Osai

Twitter: @livingtruely

Dear Kractivits!

The true power behind the simple nib of a pen is often times felt only when lines such as these are penned with an "ink" just like this -- one which "erases" the scribbles of inhumanity and injustices made upon our minds.

Here you have stripped bare the ultimate truth, which we tend to "dress up" accordingly as per our conveniences and advantages. By portraying the utter nakedness of our imprudent actions, you have provoked the mind to have a second glance at the "human state".

Yours is a strong voice showing audacity! Let is speak!

Kractivist, I wish you a great journey on worldpulse. Looking forward to more of your "ink" -- I welcome you here.

Wishing your footstep more light! Ishtar Zikr