Menstrual hygiene management workshop
Menstrual hygiene management workshop: During one of our tour of schools at Government Bilingual High school GBHS Bawock in the North West region of Cameroon where will donated sanitary napkins and help a workshop on menstrual hygiene management,ending menstrual taboos and self-esteem building.

Hello Sisters around the world,are you interested in changing someone's life?

This is a great opportunity.It's that simple.

I need a great collaboration from all of you to help school girls from poor backgrounds  in Cameroon with sanitary napkins or help join our ongoing penny drive .For me it its a difficult task but together we can make a huge difference. My team and I visited many secondary schools and orphanages in the North West region of Cameroon in our efforts to end  menstrual taboos and the stigma that has been associated with menstruation for centuries.During our tours we donated sanitary napkins and held workshops on menstrual hygiene managemant and self-esteem building.But we were surprised to know that most of these girls have  never seen a sanitary napkin in their lives .During the class time we further have discussions with them about cleanliness during their Menstruation .We have shown them how to use those we donated and due to our limited Napkins and funds we could not provide the pads to all of them. 

Come and join us in this penny drive fundraising and lets help those sisters who need information and education from us for a better health. 

This is how you can help!

You can put a jar or piggy bank in your school,church,at your job or even in your home and ask everyone you know to drop all their pennies inside.You will be surprised at the results we can make as a team within the two months time frame of this project.

Or donate sanitary napkins to support our cause and help girls to stay on track in schools during their menstrual period.

For more information please do not hesitate to email me at

Also visit our website at!kujapads-initiative/nywyy

to familiarize yourself with our work.

Thank you kindly.

Yours truy.