Posted April 13, 2009 from Kenya

“I speak for myself”. When I saw this phrase on Pulse Wire, I thought, this person must have read my mind and probably those of many other other people of my generation. Since it could not be the case, the probability was that the person(s) behind Pulse Wire must belong to the new generation, for we perceive things through a unique lens. True to this, Jenny and her team are a force to reckon with, the faces of new era feminism. Nobody could ever articulate anyone else's ideas or feelings in that very intended manner. Issues affecting women globally might sound or look identical but the diversity of space and time alters the perceived uniformity. This is why everyone must speak for themselves. World Pulse brings out the uniqueness, the change and a fresh breath to feminism. Personally, I have learnt to push my agenda regardless of the obstacles presented by life. Sadly, many people in my surrounding and through out the world, especially women, have no opportunity or drive to present their concerns. They are presented with no choice but to resign to fate; to let others think and decide for them. After all, this is the way it is and always been. Matters could be at the worst but there is always a way out, somehow. My endeavors in the long term, is to try and enable those around me and others beyond to live a fulfilling and dignified life. My vision is a world in which everyone is able to fend for themselves and pursue their ambitions without limitation. A world where everyone understands and is able to get their rights and means to a living. We can never be equal intellectually, materially or otherwise but there must be a dignified minimum that every soul exists in. We live in a world of stark inequalities by all means; a world of a hundred billionaires and a hundred billion paupers. It is a time to turn the tide and we represent that change. World Pulse is one of the channels towards the change. The feminist movement, with due respect, could not be exempted blame as far as inequality is concerned. Global conferences have been attended and documents churned out by women representatives but the impact is yet to turn heads around. Inequality and elitism has characterized the movement thus little faith from the larger women folk. For how would I claim to be be advocating for the down-trodden if I cannot even say hi to the lady vending veggies outside my gate? Just because I happen to be a CEO of this organization 'representing women in global issues!' Irony or satire? I want to be the change through World Pulse, to be a messenger and not manager. To go out and inform my fellow women that they can speak for themselves, that they are the ones holding the key to their destinies. It is time to simplify global issues, from the MDGs, Beijing Platform of Action to climate change. Time to connect policies with faces. It is chance to share concrete ideas and best practices and allow each one of us to apply them in our own small ways and little surroundings. In the long run it will be the whole world moving on the small thoughts. Those of us who have gone ahead will be pace-setters to inform others on what to think about and not what to think. A way to talk with people and not talk to them. Every soul has something to contribute to the world if only they are presented with the opportunity. Being a grassroots correspondent is that opportunity to reach out to others and present them with the same opportunity. World Pulse is a space to marshal support, ideas, information, knowledge and resources from everyone and for everyone to utilize in their own surrounding and in the best way they know. Jenny learnt to speak for herself and has challenged us to do the same through World Pulse. It is time to spread the word and allow more women to speak for themselves. It is time to walk the talk.

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  • Leila Okeyo
    Apr 13, 2009
    Apr 13, 2009

    The world has too many peo[ple who are poor,and they are the ones who contribute to the riches which they don't enjoy.This is not fair.All herd working people should be equal.



  • Gemma
    Apr 21, 2009
    Apr 21, 2009


    I enjoyed reading your essay and your characterization of Pulsewire as a space to walk the talk. Your writing is eloquent and I am moved by your long term goal of helping those around you to live a fulfilling and dignified life. I have read your other posts and feel that we share common views of celebrating diversity. Your idea of achieving a "dignified minimum that every soul exists in" is quite beautiful and I have been contemplating that idea since I first read your essay several days ago. Can you imagine what this world would be like if in fact everyone could contribute to the world - the power of each thought or action?

    Thank you for your essay.


  • Kurui
    Apr 24, 2009
    Apr 24, 2009

    It is much pleasure to meet you Gemma and thanks for sharing and appreciating my sentiments. Imagine this; as I wonder how to fund and complete my undergraduate studies, someone else across the street wonders how to afford at least one meal a day for her children! And as helpless as I might be I often try to see and think how I could be of help and at least ensure some basics are met by all. It happened to me last Sunday as I was walking down the street towards Kibera slums which is not far from my neighborhood. I often stop to talk to people on the way especially women vending items along the road to make a living. There is one particular who vends roast corn and other food items which are a favorite of many people down here. She was chatting with her friend and wondering when life will improve and when I arrived they asked me if I think things would one day be better. When I joined their conversation and tried to give them hope one of them confided that she had not payed her rent for 2 months since her business was not doing well and was even scared of going back home for she didn't know what to tell her land lord. It really touched me and also hurt me as I had nothing to offer her. These are some of the things that make me strive to make change for in the same city where someone lives lavishly with more than enough, dwells a poor soul who can't even afford rent in a mud-walled slum shack despite waking up to work for something! A dignified minimum is fair enough since we can never be equal! Thanks again Gemma and lets share ideas for solutions.