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Posted November 5, 2008 from United States


I'm excited to be part of this community!

I want to share two public websites I designed for the organization I work for (Fund for the City of New York).

Breastfeeding: A Gift for Your Baby( Healthy Eating: A Gift for Your Family ( ) provides mothers with limited literacy and resources access to the essentials of breastfeeding and nutrition. These multi-media, bi-lingual sites communicate through culturally-sensitive videos, animation, photographs, diagrams and audio.

These sites were created by the Fund for the City of New York in partnership with the Morrisania Neighborhood Family Heath Center-WIC program in the Bronx, NY.

Please check them out and send me your comments & suggestions

Kathryn Weinstein

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  • Lisa Hinton
    Nov 06, 2008
    Nov 06, 2008

    The Healthy Eating website is brilliant! I like how many voices have been included on the site and how the information is so tactile and accessible. The healthy eating wheel is very clever! This is a very engaging source of information for new mothers and those expecting. Can you add the link for the other website as well?



  • KWeinstein
    Nov 07, 2008
    Nov 07, 2008

    thanks! I have added the breastfeeding link as well.


  • Sally Peters
    Nov 07, 2008
    Nov 07, 2008

    Hi Kathryn,

    Welcome to PulseWire! Thanks for sharing the link to the healthy eating site. I hope you continue to share with the community here.

    Best, Sally

    PulseWire Online Volunteer