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Elizabeth Jiri
Posted September 2, 2011 from Zimbabwe

No family is complete without a woman and a child in it.

As a wman, mother and sister ,i have found it weathy to form a non profit and non governmental organization which cares for our uneducated and unemployed youth women as well as our disabled youth this organization will be tarining them in computer skils, business management and administretion and networking.when they complete the tarining they will become enterpreneurs and earn a living, thereby changing their lifestyles. I accept any advise or suggestions from anyone because this is the only way i can improve the operation of this organization.

Donations in cash or kind are most welcome.we need the following iterms in any form,cash ,old or new.Plastic chairs, desks,office equipment,office furniture, desk tops even the very old ones as long as they work, photo copiers, printers and anything that you think would make a difference in someone's life.this organizationwill be called Africa Empowerment Network, because in future it should cover the whole of Africa.

those willing to donate to this worthy cause can contact me on twinejay2gmail.com or on Pulsewire ID Lady11

thank you all in advance


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  • Usha K.C.
    Sep 03, 2011
    Sep 03, 2011

    Dear Elizabeth,, I I wish you and your oraganization all the best and achieve the goal.

  • Imelda Urrio
    Sep 03, 2011
    Sep 03, 2011

    Hello ELizabeth,

    This is a great idea and I wish you the very best. I am a strong beliver in economic empowerment is key in the true emancipation of a woman! Good luck