I've grown up in a fairly equal society. However, there is still much that needs to change. For me I think it is important for the definition of being a man to change. It has happened three times now where I am running and a group of men will say disrespectful things about my body and what they'd like to do to me. Then when I don't respond they say "b***" or "come on it was just a compliment". It was not. It is highly disrespectful. You aren't a man by saying that. You're a boy who was trying to look "manly" in front of your friends. It's gotten to the point where I try to change my route or I blast music loudly while running past a group of boys.

 When I run and come across a man by himself, he says "good morning" or " good job". But then I think what would he say if he was in a group. Men seem to think that they need to prove themselves to other by showing off how many women they can sleep with or how much money they can make. That is not manly. Society has somehow made this an acceptable definition of a man and it needs to change. It is not manly to degrade women. It is manly to respect them like you would any other man. It is manly to encourage without sexist words. It is manly to help out without expecting anything in return. It is manly to be humble about your accomplishment and not brag. So change, because women should not have to live in a world where they feel uncomfortable in the presence of the opposite sex.

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Hi Lana. I totally agree. Where are boys and men learning this bad trait. How many times have we heard "boys will be boys?" To me this perpetuates this bad trend of accepting bad behavior. I think it starts at home with parents teaching their children to be respectful of everyone, and if they learn it at school to keep repeating that it's unacceptable. There's not excuse for this behavior.

Hi Lana, I totally agree with you. Men should be thought how to be real men and women should also learned to stand up to their rights and correct these men when they make such comments.