Dear Voice of Our Future Applicants!


I am conducting a research on Gender and Security. Ofcourse by gender I mean ( Woman ).

I thought the best way is to consult with you as applicants. You are all having background and experience
on this topic. I really appreciate if you suggest me any book, reference, online Elibrary, wikipedia, or you point of view
is highly considered.

Thank you alot

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You have not specified what exactly you are looking for/researching on gender and conflict, however check out the following sites.

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Many thanks for your websites.

you are right I didnot specify, but maily gender as female in:

  1. giving equal roles as men in offices, government, hold big positions. 2.Women are not recruited in army as soldiers and they are not participating in war the way male or man does.
  2. gender issue in Afghanistan after war 2001and gender issue in Iraq after war 2003
  3. women as victim
  4. women as peace
  5. gender issue nowadays
  6. exploiting women in war