The 11th Amendment of the Country's Civil Code granted me with the right to inherit land but the moment I will get married this right will be taken away from me. So land in one way is a connection to my ancestors and my identity. Moreover, I got my citizenship certificate as my ancestors had land and in the absence of land acquiring citizenship certificate would be a very tedious task in Nepal. Land is regarded as the ultimate property one can acquire and with land further investments can be done. Land is not only the handful of soil but also a means to acquire better life. Land can be kept as collateral in the bank and I can set up a business or get further education thus enhancing my life. Land is not only a means of livelihood but also one of the indicators of the social prestige. But the law takes the right of a daughter as soon as she gets married so though land can enhance lives in the absence of proper legal framework I am denied with my ancestral property thus overshadowing my identity and possibility of living a better life. For me land is my identity as it relates me to my forefathers, my hometown so if I am denied of land then I'm denied of my identity.

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Dear Anjana, Namaskar,

How are you these days? How is your study and work going on?

Regarding your post about land, Wow! it's a beautiful piece of land you have include in your paper. I do agree with you. In our country Nepal, if we go through law, we will say discimination never exist in Nepal because there are many laws to stop discrimiantion and bring the equality. However if we start one step forward, everywhere discrimination happens from family to gvernment level. Thank you so much for bring this.

Big hugs

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Hi Sunita

I hv been constantly ill on and off and was gradually recovering but then I got high fever with flu. So nth has been gone well but now I am trying to gather pieces.

Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! you have made us proud and hope u'll get through the interview as well.

Keep in touch

Regards Anjana

Anjana, I am sorry to hear that you have been ill and will keep you in my thoughts for a speedy recovery.

It is wonderful to hear your voice again and interesting to read about how your identity is so interwoven with land. It frustrates me that you could inherit the land of your ancestors only to have it taken away from you upon marriage. It almost makes one think twice about marriage although it can offer advantages that one cannot gain as a single woman. As women are slowly becoming educated, I hope that they will begin to stand up for their rights and mobilize to put pressure on the government to change these discriminatory laws. I have faith in your generation as I am seeing how committed you are to making women and girls' lives better. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about land and take care. Hardik Subhakamana, Janice

Dear Janice


Thank you for your best wishes I am really in need of them. I am writing my thesis on women's empowerment and land ownership and found many sides of the policies and laws that are ongoing in Nepal and I am carefully looking at the constitutional provisions that are being currently drafted in terms of Natural resources. I hope we will be able to mark the difference by working on women's empowerment with the best wishes from people like you.



Anjana, Thank you for this piece! It really made me think about the laws that are in place to benefit some but not all. Complicated and emotional - to have land and associated life advantages, but then to have that taken away when a man comes into the picture. Just does not seem right.

Your thesis will be a journey, I'm sure. Sometimes laws are taken for granted but when you really look at them, like you are doing, you find openings where changes can be made.

Best of luck with all of your work! Marlies

Dear Anji...

I dont need to say that the post is awesome...your knowledge on the issue is very deep, and i will be waiting to read more findings in your thesis...

More than anything else, welcome back....and please maintain your health...

Love Khush

Khushbu Agrawal

Dear Khush

Thanks for the message and best wishes. I am trying to maintain my health now and recovering very fast.ANd thank you for your comment it really encourages

Love Anjana