Indefinite closure : day 6

Posted May 7, 2010 from Nepal

Today is the sixth day of closure in Nepal and the peace assembly had been organized by non political group. Initially the program was to be the peace rally but as Maoists threatened the organizers the rally was cancelled so only peace assembly was held. At 9 am one of the world's heritage site, Basantapur Durbar Square was filled with tens of thousands peace loving Nepali. Under strict police protection the program proceeded where the only demand kept by Nepali was to restore peace and come into political consensus. Their appeal was not only to one political party but to all; including the Government of Nepal and the rebelling party. But only Maoists party had problems with this rally, so many questions that arises here is why the Maoists party had problems with the rally when it was only for peaceful reason, which is also one of the demands of Maoists. The peace assembly has given two days mandate for the political parties to come into consensus but looking at the current situation the consensus looks like a farfetched dream

The Maoists party not only threatened the organizers but also obstructed general public to walk in the road. They stopped people from FNCCI Lalitpur in Kupondole to go to the rally and there were clashes between the peace rally participants and Maoists cadres. Even the top leader of Maoists and CA member, Ms. Pampha Bhushal, tried to stop her cadres to let those people move towards the assembly but the cadres did not seem to accept her orders. This show that the Young Communist League (YCL) aka cadres are not in control of Maoists, the party which cannot maintain discipline within their own party, will they be able to lead the country is the another question that arises now.

The peace assembly successfully ended but the general public risked their lives and preceded the rally too. The rally was meant for peace restoration in Nepal and was not targeted against any political party. At some places during the rally there were clashes between peace rally and the cadres as the latter threw stones on the former and then the police was compelled to fire tear gas to both the parties. What is most surprising is that they don’t even recognize their country's flag as one of the demonstrator asked which organization's flag was that. This incident shows that how patriotic the YCL cadres are as they don’t even know what their country's flag looks like. I am ashamed to say that they also account up to the Nepalese population.

The other surprising fact is that why are they attacking the civilians and if Maoists are intended to attack the civilians then their strike is just to come into power and nothing else. In Patan, another world heritage site, the YCL entered the house of civilians and attacked them as the civilians were outraged who were obstructed to participate in the peace assembly attacked the vehicles of Maoists and three cadres brutally.

Moreover, the remarks of YCL, Kathmandu Incharge, Sagar left every participants of the rally agitated. He alleged that all the participants of the rally were paid by the Government and is the conspiracy against Maoists. According to his statement, Nepalese are those who abide by their ideologies and those who have ideologies different than them are not a Nepali. They claim that they are fighting for the people's right and democracy but their action and words both says the exact opposite story. The allegation that the participants of the rally were paid says their story that they are bringing the participants by paying them.

Amidst all these scenarios, a woman has been alleged to mix poison on the waters of Maoist cadres in one of the main junctions of demonstration in Kathmandu. The alleged woman though claims to have bought that poison to kill her but the demonstrators has seen them mixing it on water bottles that she sold to Maoists. The two holes in the bottle of the poison shows that she has used that and if she intended to kill herself then why haven't she used it till then and why had she created a hole in it to pass the poison when she had intended to kill herself later. People have also claimed that two men had given her NRs.20,000 (around $274) to mix poison in the water. The demonstrators brutally beat her up in the presence of security forces and human rights activist though they tried to protect her from them. At last she fainted and the human right activist took her to the hospital and is under protection of security force and human right activist. The whole story is expected to be verified once she gets conscious.

With all these incidents taking place in the capital city shows that the country is moving towards the state of terror and posing the threat of civil war as civilians are being attacked by Maoists. The civil war can break at any point as civilians are out of ration and stuffs that are required on a daily basis and now the Maoists are obstructing their freedom of speech and to move freely.

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  • JaniceW
    May 07, 2010
    May 07, 2010

    Anjana, I have read your posts with great interest but also fear for your safety, Khushbu's and that of others in Nepal who just want peace. I am glad the strike has been called off for now and hope that the situation will stay peaceful for a while. But even without the strike, and even if Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal was removed, it seems that the infrastructure of Nepal is in such a state of disrepair that much more than peace and a new constitution is needed.

    The provision of electricity and clean water 24 hours a day seems a simple request yet it appears that the utility companies cannot deliver on these basic needs. With such uncertainty about when you will have heat, water, electricity or light, it would seem natural that citizens would want to hoard food and secure daily necessities yet even this is difficult due to your high rate of inflation.

    I cannot even imagine the hardships the ordinary citizen endures in a nation already wrecked by a decade of insurgency. I wish your country peace during this unstable time and thank you for keeping up informed. Stay safe, dear Anjana. Janice

  • Anjana
    May 07, 2010
    May 07, 2010

    Dear Janice,

    Thank you for your concern, safety here is quite questionable as there is no certainity anywhere in Nepal. Your concern about basic infrastructure is quite understandable, there is around 12 hours electricity cut thus hampering the industries which in turn is hampering the economic growth (if any), moreover, there are no water supply and the irony is Nepal is the second largest country with water resources. There has been politics in water resources and though I am not blaming anyone, our neighboring country has higher role in Nepalese politics and other infrastructures as it intends to suprress our nation and others within the South Asia, this supression is also because of the landlockedness of our country and the other thing is that when we are internally weak it is obvious that strong power comes to control you.We need to break this vicious cycle and I aim to work for our nation that is why I have not migrated to other nation as almost all of my friends have.

    We need your support and encouragement as always

    Regards Anjana

  • sabina
    May 09, 2010
    May 09, 2010

    Hello sister,

    Really sis, the condition of our country Nepal is getting inferior. I never envisaged such condition of our country. The political leaders donot seem concern about their country, all the time, they fight for the post only. Noone has got the real intention to develop Nepal. All they want is to hold the supreme power only.

    Hope to see our Nepal as a peace country.