Everyone has their own vision and thoughts about who they want to be or what the world is ought to be. People living in every part of the world are looking forward for a peaceful life. With the increase in violence and terrorism in the world lately it is becoming more and more vulnerable to sustain one’s life. From civil war to religion based conflict the world today has become a chaotic place to live in. The war- torn countries are having problem to get back to normal even the conflict period has been over. In context of Nepal, the armed conflict that halted the development work for more than a decade has still not been able to restore peace in the country. The presence of riots, functioning of the parallel armed group is some examples how vulnerable and insecure are people in their own country. Besides that religious, ethnic conflict that is prevalent in the society has further more escalated the conflict. The youth the most productive group are mobilized in these activities further deteriorating the condition of the country.

Besides my own country, the other countries of the world are also facing numerous problems besides insecurity from armed groups like environmental insecurity, food insecurity, and economic insecurity. The climate change is seemed to be affecting the most part of the world posing the threat of natural calamities, changed ecosystem resulting in extinction of many species; the current recession has resulted in increase of unemployed people which will directly affect the crime rate within the country. In all these insecurities, the main insecurity is posed towards women, like women are taken as an object of revenge during war and conflict. Similarly, despite the legal measures the increase in sex selective abortion will pose a threat towards women’s life as the number of women decreases and the men increases, they will be high risk of abduction, rape, sexual violence and exploitation. The physical or external changed will have lesser effect on women’s life than the change in social dynamics. So for making a secure place to earn one’s livelihood it is essential that the social dynamics change is positive else it can have serious threats to the whole humankind.

As for today I envision myself as a social worker, working on the various fields and making remarkable change in the lives of those neglected by the society or the state. Currently, I got involved with the organization Rakshanepal (www.rakshanepal.org.np) working for the reintegration and rehabilitation of the commercial sex workers induced in this sector due to armed conflict. By going through the plight of these girls aged from 11 to 15 years my whole vision of life seemed to have change. As I work with the youth group and some women group I was unaware that girls of tender age are being internally trafficked besides those trafficked to other countries, these facts have really shaken me and I am striving for the betterment of these girls and women who have been the silent victims of a decade long armed conflict.

By being a correspondent of Pulsewire, I can put forward the plights of women in Nepal from different communities’ infont of the world. There are people who want to share their sufferings but they cannot due different barriers such as illiteracy, no access to computer, language problems. So by being the correspondent of Pulsewire I will be able to be the voice of the voiceless. Besides that Pulsewire has provided a platform for networking with different people from different background and this will further help me enhance my work by sharing and learning from others work. As the main motto of everyone’s life is to learn and impart the knowledge that they have gained and I am glad to be associated with Pulsewire as it has become one of the platforms to learn and share our knowledge at the same time.

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Hello, Thanks for your posting, very interesting and you seem to have lots of charisma to carry out many important things in your country. Good luck ! Brigitte

Dear Brigitte

Thank you for your encouraging words!!!!!!!!! I hope we can bring some positive change in the country and its people and guess we are moving in a right direction. Through worldpulse, we met different women change makers and along with me some of the other women of Nepal involved in worldpulse has created a group and have started to work for educating girls in Nepal. If you wish to be part of it please send me your address so that I can add you in our group : progressive_women_nepal and I believe that input from your side will be highly valuable for us.

keep posting

regards Anjana

hey, i have been following you and now can see that how this can go a long way in contributing to bring positive change ,kudos to world pulse.

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Dear Lanjana;

You vividly describe the conditions of the people of your country and they will be getting an extraordinary and compassionate social worker (and mover) in you.Thank you for putting your thoughts and feelings to paper and sharing.

Best Wishes- Daryn

Dear Daryn

Thank you for your words!!!!!!! It is belief of yours that makes people like us move forward. I hope we will be able to make some change

Regards Anjana

Hi Anjana, What's going on friend? I am not hearing anything from you right now. Please mail me as soon as you read this comment; I need to talk with you. These days you seemed little busy. I am waiting to talk with you on hotmail. Moreover, keep writing I am waiting to read your thought. Waiting your response. Thanks Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Dear Sunita

Sorry for not being in touch lately. After s I returned from my field trip I have high fever and still not recovered yet. My reports will come today and then only I will know what really is the cause behind this. If anything is important email me at hotmail I will reply it soon. I cannot stay online longer as my health doesnot permit it. Sorry for the trouble caused

Regards Anjana

Dearest Anjana, I am coming to Nepal a week earlier so I need to prepond the meeting. I will be sending the information detail later. Thanks Cheers Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Oh thats a very good news, so please keep posting. I havent been able to do anything for our meeting due to my ill health but will continue from next week and will post you about the updates

looking forward to see you

Regards Anjana

Anjana, I will send you an email after some days. Sorry to hear you were sick. How are you? Take care of your health friend. Thank you so much for your response. With Love Sunita

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

I am so happy for you in your successful advance to phase two of VOF. I feel that Nepal has a hopeful future with such strong voices as yours, Sunita's and the many others from Nepal who have chosen to speak out. Your country is going through such turmoil right now creating an atmosphere of anxiety and instability. I have no doubt that women, such as yourself, are the future of Nepal and know that many lives will be transformed because of your activism. I wish you all the very best and look forward to hearing about your meeting in July.