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Here is what I have so far for Module 2. I need help focusing it so I can figure out how to formulate my piece. All suggestions are welcome:

Women are under attack in the United States. Our health care services are constantly threatened by politicians, mainly men and Republican, who focus on abortion as an abomination while enacting legislation that restricts access to quality care, services and education. What is infuriating to me as a student midwife who wants to also provide well-woman care are the barriers that the United States politicians seek to place between women and their well-being. I am concerned with the future of reproductive health is this country across the board, from gynecological care, contraception, abortion and maternity care. It's all connected.

Roe v. Wade is one of the examples in which an ideology has trumped the safety of a woman. Texas is at the moment in the spotlight for the recent events that include Wendy Davis’ filibuster, the GOP lawmakers shutting down and the protestors who disrupted their vote that night. In an unbelievable turn of events, Texas governor Rick Perry signed new abortion restrictions that will effectively shut down most of the clinics in the state. This situation is but a microcosm of a huge wave of state legislation that has been designed to limit the choices and access to health care for women.

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First of all, hopefully we'll get a chance to meet face-to-face some time since we live in the same city. I really look forward to it.

Barbara Glickstein, the activist I interviewed could help you out with information and resources on this subject. I know, firsthand, she is just as outraged as you are on this subject.

She's also a huge fan of WorldPulse and sincerely offered to be of help to any of the VOF correspondents should they need it.


Thank you for the recommendation. I am actually in El Paso right now, not New York but would have jumped at the opportunity to do so!

I wish I could interview her but I am hoping to get an interview with a lawyer and activist here. Thank you for the suggestion!

Ynanna Djehuty


I'm waiting to hear back from the people I want to interview too. Hopefully I'll lock it down by the end of the week. Time is flying by!

Hi Latinegra,

I think you have a good angle there. I suggest you interview some politicians on the reasons for their actions. It will also be nice to talk with some women badly affected by this decision. Since this is a politics related topic and a sensitive one too, you may want to keep your safety in mind while writing. All the best with your endeavors.


My pen speaks

Thank you for the suggestion. I will be hoping to get an interview with not quite a politician but a lawyer and activist doing work here in El Paso around the issue. I will keep my safety in mind as much as possible while being honest about what is happening. Peace!

Ynanna Djehuty


You're off to a very good start on a subject of interest to many, many women. I agree with Precious that it would be excellent to talk to some women negatively affected by this situation; just to tell one woman's story will pull your readers in and make your piece accessible.

I look forward to reading your finished assignment. May The Writing Goddess Be With You! - Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Thank you Sarah. I am waiting to hear back from an activist who also happens to be a mother, which is perfect so I can talk to her about how this will affect the reproductive health of a woman throughout her life. I hope the writing goddess is strong with me :)

Ynanna Djehuty