Our heroes are people or things we look up to and reference in our daily lives.They help us make us what we want and hope to be. To many people heroes are meant to posses human qualities but my two heroes do not possess human qualities but are the best anyone can have. My first hero is my past. My past has allowed me to look at life from a broad perspective. It has shaped me and made me stronger to face a future that is full of opportunities, sweet memories , new ideas and yet so discriminative against women. My second hero is my gender which has given me passion, courage and the attitude to work harder than ever always knowing that one gender might be prefered to mine. These two have given me the edge and the thinking that I will oneday rise despite the odds.

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I never visualized heroes in that form but what a beautiful way to look at yourself. By defining your heroes through your own self you give yourself a positive boost creating confidence and no regrets.

Thanks, Carri