If only women were given the chance to make an impact we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our gender throughout the existence of this earth has always been seen as setback to the family and society. I hate to think of those days when girls were thrown into dark forest to die only because they were girls, when boys where preferred to go to school only because they were boys, when girls were believed to be a curse to the family and when girls were denied access to the good things of life only because they were girls. I hate to think of those lives wasted only because a group of men thought it was better to keep women at the bottom if they wanted to accomplish their selfish aims and maintain their so called masculinity. As we celebrate international women’s day I can’t help but appreciate what women have done for our world. If only women were at the helm of leadership throughout the existence of our world we wouldn’t be at the stage we are today. My heart especially goes out to black women who have had to fight against two odds. Being black and being a woman. But in spite of all these they have risen. I write this article remembering that single mother who never had access to her husband’s properties but still brought her children up as a mother should, through her hard work and innovation. I remember that illiterate woman in a remote village who still taught her children the value of education. I remember that young woman who was abused but still managed to rise up and realize her potential. How could I forget that young woman who had to drop out of school because her family thought it was better her brother continue just because he was a man. I write this article grateful to feminists who fought and continue to fight for the freedom and empowerment of our gender. Without them I wouldn’t be here today and you would never see my contribution to the development and growth of my country and continent. It was because of them I have been able to see my gender not as a setback but as an appreciable role in society. My gender has given me courage, passion and the attitude to work harder than ever always knowing the future of my gender begins with me. You might never know how happy and complete I am being a woman. Happy Women’s Day to every woman. Let us not forget that market woman who has to sell and sacrifice her last to send her children to school. She is the real hero.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to International Women's Day 2011: A Call for Heroes.