"Voice of Our Future". It was, as a matter of fact, this inspiring name that led me into this online community and finally pushed me to decide to join this program. It echoes with something I have kept in mind for a long time. That was a line I read on a famous Chinese newspaper ten years ago. It says:" The responsibility of a journalist is to empower those who are powerless and to encourage those who are too sad to move forward." The 'power' is the ability to let your voice heard so as to make a change for the future. I consider myself quite lucky to be educated and be able to choose journalism as my profession. However, in China, many women still lack the opportunity to get sound education, let alone have the right to choose their own job or career. In rural areas, people prefer to send boys to school than girls. And those voices would probably never be heard by the outside world. I was born and raised up in a small town in central China. Though my parents are open-minded and supportive to my career choice, there are quite some people around me disagree with my aspiration to make something happen as an independent woman. The best solution for a girl's life, according to them, would be find a job and get married and have babies. Yes, I agree that a happy family is the key to a happy life, for women or men all the same. But I would not give up my pursuit of making my voice matter in the future. That is why I went to graduate school to study journalism after college, and have been working as a journalist for over five years. It is time to make a step forward. Through this program, I think I can make it happen to let voices of Chinese women better heard and understood by our peers in other countries. I live in Beijing now. Every day, on the subway, on the bus or simply walking in the street, I can see there are so many talented women who have inspiring stories to share with a wider community. With my enthusiam and professional ability, I would love to be the messenger, telling stories from China.

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Thank you for the comment. I will keep on working on my 'messenger mission":)

So how did you enjoy your trip here in China? one week seems a bit too short to dig into the real life.

Very inspiring! Your personal story is inspiring, especially when you contrast the perceived social gender norms that are given to men and women, and your fight to break out of this norm and prove that women should not be locked in the idea that their role in life is to get a job, then have children. I wish you best of luck as a journalist, and keep on writing!

"If you do not have the power to overthrow the rule of oppression, inform others of the oppression". -Persian proverb