My hands, reaching for the daily mail...bills, netflix, bank statements, discovered a little jewel. A brown envelope addressed to me in blue ballpoint pen with a Kenyan stamp. Ah ha, it has arrived. My pen pal Dorcas tells me about herself welcoming me into her life in Mombasa. Again, I am 8 years old with a pen pal and just as giddy as I was then. A friendship was born today!

Thank you Dorcas. You made my day.


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It is wonderful to remember the old good days when a letter from a penpal a far was one thing we could not do away with. In the midst of hard financial times when we would not like to read newspapers nor to reach out to the mail box for fear of disapointing news. I am happy that Rafiki gives us hope and something positive to look out for. Thanks you for Sharing Laura, Asante Sana!!!